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The Biggest Trap of DnD Games



  • ArcanisArcanis Member Posts: 377
    I personally think the problem with choices & modules is only important if the module is difficulty.

    If the maker of the module made combat for min/maxed chars than s/he should include a lot of different items, enemies and such - and also tell some stuff in the module description.

    If the module is of ..medium difficulty than it should be possible to play a suboptimal pc, thus it needs less info up front.
    I mean, the goal -for me- shuld not be to create a perfect char for a single mod, but instead to create a personality that is thrust inside an adventure. And sometiems this person is a cunning and charming bard that is forced in a maze full of golems... Bad day for the Bard, but the adventure can still be fun..
    Just remember to let him be annoyed that he is out of his comfort zone.. =P

    About D&D being a group oriented game.. I would like to diskuss that, but I have a DM-less solo adventure waiting for me! (And I hope he finieshed the third book soon.. =D )

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 697
    In PnP D&D is whatever the DM and players make it. It may not have the spirit that you want. In which case the good player either moves on or they adapt their expectations. The same applies to NwN. @Aaezil are you a good player?


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