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doing a no reload - no ressurect challenge

So I am doing a challenge run through Baldur's gate 1 and 2 (including ToB), with two rules:

1. no reload
2. no resurrecting dead characters in any way

So basically, dead=dead.

Difficulty is core rules. My party consists of a main berserker>mage dual, minsc, jaheira, yoshimo and imoen.

My first tries ended very quickly, often with an ambush. The first time I finished BG1 this way, my run ended early in SoA because I didn't know that Rayic Gethras (the cowled wizard that you must kill for Edwin) can cast Finger of Death.

But now I made it past spellhold - Yoshimo just died to my hands. The fight against Irenicus was nerve wrecking, especially because Yoshimo still had celestial fury when he betrayed me. Jaheira just barely survived his stab.

I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge mode, you constantly have to think ahead and prepare according to the risks. One slip and the game is over, it's exciting.

Now I'm trying to remember the biggest death traps in the underwater city and the underdark. Of course I gladly accepted Saemon's offer to bring me back, what could possibly go wrong with that? :D



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