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XP per chapter (solo C/F)

RastRast Member Posts: 11
I've seen people ask how much XP is available in each chapter, so I'm going to use this thread to note down the total XP (rounded to the nearest 1000) I have after each step of this solo C/F run.

I'll probably miss out on a lot of dialogue based XP, so all this should be considered a minimum.

Divide these totals by the number of characters in your party to get an idea of what level they will reach.

Prologue complete: 14,000 xp

Chapter 1:
Kuldahar Pass and initial Kuldahar quests: 24,000
Vale of Shadows and return to Kuldahar: 123,000
Temple of the Forgotten God and return to Kuldahar: 153,000

Chapter 2:
Dragon's Eye Level One cleared: 216,000
Dragon's Eye Level Two cleared: 353,000
Dragon's Eye Level Three cleared: 459,000
Dragon's Eye Level Four cleared: 538,000
Dragon's Eye Level Five complete and return to Kuldahar: 768,000

Chapter 3:
First three levels of the Severed Hand cleared: 983,000
Severed Hand level four and towers complete: 1,436,000

Chapter 4:
Upper Dorn's Deep 1 cleared: 1,537,000
Upper Dorn's Deep 2 cleared: 1,681,000
Caves cleared: 1,802,000
Remainder of chapter completed: 1,979,000

Chapter 5:
Outdoor area cleared, museum cleared, quests completed: 2,656,000
Frost Giants cave cleared: 3,648,000

Chapter 6:
Lower Dorn's Entrance cleared: 3,893,000
Palace Entrance and Artisan's District cleared: 4,046,000
Lower Dorn Mines and Greater Forge cleared: 4,458,000
Fallen Temple complete: 4,933,000
Palance and Malavon's dome complete: 5,728,000
Oubilette and Gnome village complete: 5,967,000
Return to Severed Hand and Kuldahar to complete optional quests: 6,485,000
--this is the last opportunity to go to HOW before finishing the main game --

Brother Poquelin battle, Easthaven cleared, Pomab defeated: 7,187,000

--Starting HOW with 6,485,000 xp, after doing as much of the main game as possible--
Initial Lonelywood quests: 6,530,000
First visit to Barbarian Camp and return to Lonelywood: 7,268,000
Visit to Burial Isle Camp and return to Lonelywood: 9,231,000

--Trials can be done at any time in HOW before the final location. I prefer to do it here, right after finishing Burial Island and Emmerich quest--
Trials of the Luremaster:

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  • RastRast Member Posts: 11
    The run has been fairly easy so far. Some reloads from hold person/stun, a few from getting swarmed, but haven't been stuck on any battles. Even killed Yx on the first try.

    Note for the slaves quest in chapter 5: You can get xp from both sides. Tell the salamander guy that you are going to capture the slaves, but don't actually do it,. Then keep going back and forth between Vera and Gareth until they've both left.

    Although I had enough xp to visit HOW back in Chapter Two, I am not doing that because I think the massive xp boost from the town quests there is a bit unbalancing to the main game. I will do HOW after beating Belhifet.

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    This is awesome! And really illustrates just how ridiculous the XP is from Dragon's Eye. No wonder I get so many level ups in that area.

  • Opus131Opus131 Member Posts: 18
    What was the difficulty level?

    I'm assuming it's on normal, so on insane it would end up more even without the double XP, because of the increased number of monsters, right?

  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    edited August 2018

    I have ~430k / ea in a party of 5 having cleared Dragon's Eye 1 on HOF (start from scratch)

    On Insane I just barely qualified for teleport to HoW after Yxunomei (big mistake, barely got out of there alive with the quest incomplete, and headed into Shattered Hand ridiculously OP and painfully bored) with 300k and change in a party of 5 after clearing all of Dragon's Eye... will probably be noticeably over 1mil on HOF by that point

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