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I would like my players to automatically patch haks when needed.

Everytime I make any change to a 2DA or TLK (read: every day) people have to go my website, download a .rar, open it, extract the ressources and put them in the appropriate folder.
Is there any way to update haks/override files automatically?
Or is it deemed too dangerous because of possible malicious downloads?

If there already is a way I'm unaware of, thanks for pointing me in the right direction,


  • LaputianBirdLaputianBird Member Posts: 102

    In the meanwhile, release your updates with a more reasonable schedule. Weekly instead of multiple times a day would ease the problem until NWSync is ready (in one of the next patches)

  • JapualtahJapualtah Member Posts: 102
    edited August 4
    Thanks to your reply I could find this :
    We continue to work on the tablet version of NWN:EE. “NWSync”- an upcoming feature for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition which will provide an auto hak and tlk's downloader once you connect to a server in the game - will help not only PC players, but also tablet players.

    That's awesome news !

  • MadHatterMadHatter Member Posts: 144
    Use the Steam Workshop to host your files (caveat: I wouldn't do this with override 2das so you don't screw them up outside your game). When you push an update, the subscribers will receive an auto-update.

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