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IS BG:EE Touch Screen Friendly?

Hi everyone,

I grew up playing these games, and I was quite excited to see a revitalization of the series.

I am just wondering if anyone has tried playing it on a touch device, and how it works?
I have a Sony Duo 2 tablet hybrid (Windows 8 Pro) and it would be great to play it on that, but if it's a game that requires keyboard shortcuts to play then it's probably out of the question.
I realise that they are working on an iPad version, but I don't have an iPad nor do I plan on getting one.



  • MurrayConfederacyMurrayConfederacy Member Posts: 188
    it should be touch friendly, all the buttons what you have quick buttons for are accessible easily through the UI. If touching and dragging does the same as clicking and dragging then it should run fine if the hardware supports it.
  • ST4TICStrikerST4TICStriker Member Posts: 162
    I don't know what Duo tablet is, but are you asking if the PC version is playable with a touch screen?

    If you are then the answer is: yes. [But you will want more conformation from other sources/people]

    You could play it with touch commands, using single clicks and touches to command your party and navigate the menus.

    They added a new button that selects all your party members without needing to hold click and the UI icons have been made bigger, so again that's in it's favour.

    I think it very well could work but you should really ask someone who played it like that. [If you were asking what I think you we're that is :) ]

  • MercuriousMercurious Member Posts: 7
    I fiddled with touch a teeny bit on my Touchsmart, but went back to the mouse pretty quickly. Most things work fairly well, but not being able to right click bugged me. I want all the characters where I want them, and I do a lot of right clicking to get them there.
  • darthchairdarthchair Member Posts: 191
    Everything has a touch screen these days, but people. You try to touch a person for interactivity and they are generally offended. :*(
  • Arsene_LupinArsene_Lupin Member Posts: 181
    No, they've added buttons to the UI for quick-saving, so you can easily play the game entirely with a mouse (or finger, as the case may be).

    The only issue I can think of would be using the touch screen to drag a box around your party to select 'em... and I have a feeling whether or not that would work or not would depend more on your drivers.

    If anyone actually has experience playing this way, please, post. I'm considering getting a tablet/hybrid laptop this winter. Probably a cheaper one than Jarvi's Vaio Duo, but still. ($1500 for a laptop? Yeesh).
  • jarvijarvi Member Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone, such quick and helpful response's here!
    I will give it a go and post back once I've had a chance to try it.

    Arsene_Lupin; it's for work, I hate lugging a laptop around just to show clients design concepts. The reason it's more expensive as well is that it's running full blown Windows 8 which was a key consideration for me so that I could install Photoshop and such without relying on the Windows Store.
  • Arsene_LupinArsene_Lupin Member Posts: 181
    I've been shopping around a lot recently, and it seems to me the main thing driving up the price is the hinge. Want a touch laptop? Great. ASUS makes some great cheap models. Want to be able to rotate the screen to use it as a tablet? $700 more for that feature on a comparable model.

    It's crazy.

    And is it really that bad lugging it around? I've never had a laptop before (I'm getting one for school as I'm only SIX CLASSES away from my undergraduate degree, and things are beginning to heat up. And after that grad school, because in this economy no way will I be finding a decent job. One of the things I've been looking at is weight, and most of the laptops I've seen have been 5 or 6 lbs, and half that for the ultrabooks.
  • MercuriousMercurious Member Posts: 7
    @Arsene-Lupin, I am able to draw the box, like you are saying, and mine is a five year old desktop, so I would bet that the drivers will not be much problem. I am thinking they tried to make the UI as touch-friendly as possible, since it will be coming to tablets soon. I will probably just get it for the iPad when it comes out, so we will see how it comes across there.
  • jarvijarvi Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I agree that there is a pretty huge price different between a laptop and a hybrid.

    It's not so much the weight of the laptop that frustrates me, it's mainly the awkwardness of using it. When I use a laptop, I pretty much need a flat surface to use it on, so I might as well use a desktop.
    Touch screen laptops won't suit me either as I wanted something that I could draw and design on, which isn't really something that can we done with a giant keyboard in front of you.

    I don't think that Hybrid laptops are for everyone, and I do think it's a very select market in fact, but in my case, it replaced my laptop with ease.
    I consider it more of a novelty and luxury item for work than anything as any real work I would do on my workstation anyway.
  • BalSagothBalSagoth Member Posts: 3
    It is playable on a touch screen but I really miss the button to highlight objects (TAB). Also it is impossible to move cursor over someone to see more information. You can only click-drag.
    I play on Acer W700.

    To Arsene_Lupin :
    "The only issue I can think of would be using the touch screen to drag a box around your party to select 'em... "
    Drag a rectangle around your party and select them is not a problem at all.
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