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Framerate in New Patch

I just read the patch notes and noticed a "added program options set max framerate" plug. Is this an ini tweak you need to do? If so how does one do it?


  • LuthoreLuthore Member Posts: 43
    edited December 2012


    Maybe I'm just not figuring out where to change it, but I seem to have some how sped up the game's clock. Many characters move as if hasted, and my boots of speed character is probably breaking land speed records.

    Sadly, I don't seem to be able to turn this off or in some way revert this. I'm not even sure what I did in the first place to cause it (I was messing around with the debug mode, cluaconsole, and using shadow keeping to play with my char file).

    Any ideas on how to get the game clock back to some semblance of a normal speed?
  • SandmanSandman Member Posts: 73
    yep, goto your user/"account name"/my documents/Baldurs Gate folder

    open in wordpad the ini and append the Max Framerate option in there to 60.
  • garyriley1982garyriley1982 Member Posts: 27
    the game seems to be running two or three times faster than it should.... is that an issue anyone else has had? is there a workaround or fix?

    video's are fine and normal speed, but once in the actual gameplay its all a bit much - this has been since the last patch i think
  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 270
    Woah, seems like a joke! xD

    Maybe you modified the baldur.ini file and changed the frame rate? Maybe you disabled some options from OpenGL and with the new patch it should work normally? I really can't say, but I hope other members with more knowledge can help you. If nobody gives you a good response, I guess you should ask at support. ;)
  • garyriley1982garyriley1982 Member Posts: 27
    Hmm, i did originally modify the ini to 60 fps, and it turns out that was the issue, lol
  • lelag200lelag200 Member Posts: 110
    So it is originally 30fps? How do I modify that exactly?
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,283
    Open up Baldur.ini (it's in Documents\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition) using WordPad or some other enhanced text-editing software.

    There's a line you can edit that looks like this:

    'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate', '30',

    Change the "30" to whatever you like. I like having it at around 35; anything more than that is too fast for my taste.
    Might be an interesting way to benchmark a system, a maximum baldurs gate framerate....?
  • lelag200lelag200 Member Posts: 110
    Cool, I had wondered if I could do that the first time I played BGEE, thanks!
  • lelag200lelag200 Member Posts: 110
    Any idea if changing the frame rate also applies to multiplayer games?
  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 5,594
    edited December 2012
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  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 574
    In the BG 2 engine, which is the base for BGEE, 'Maximum Frame Rate' refers to a game engine refresh rate, not a display refresh rate. It impact the repetition cycle for game scripts. It has a visible impact because it also causes characters to move faster.
    That was explained in a file called 'Power Users.txt' in the BG 2 directory. To answer @lelgag200, that file expressly stated that the rate should be the same for all players in a multiplayer game.

    In BG 2, the right parameter to set the screen refresh rate (to avoid flickering) is 'Display Frequency'. I didn't see that parameter in the Baldur.ini file of BGEE. But, as for other hidden features, it may still be read and used by the game.
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