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[(BG1, BG2)Bug] Chromatic Orb (SPWI118.SPL) inflicts save on caster; damage is negated on save(0914)

IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
edited September 2012 in Fixed
Current behaviour: There are several problems with Chromatic Orb.

1. According to the dialogue bar, the 1st-level version of the spell sporadically (i.e., ~50% of the time) subjects the caster to a saving throw (see attached screenshots). This does not preclude the saving throw subjected to the spell's target. Also, though I've tested for this phenomenon numerous times, the caster never seems to fail this erroneous save. The save is applied only when casting the 1st-level version of Chromatic Orb; caster levels 2-7 appear unaffected.

2. The 1st-level version of the spell is not applying its Blindness effect to the target upon a failed save. The feedback string is not displayed in the dialogue bar (e.g., "Firbead Elvenhair- Blindness"), nor do they suffer from the effects of Blindness. The secondary effects of higher-level versions of Chromatic Orb appear to apply correctly.

3. If the target of the spell makes a successful save, all effects of the spell are negated, including damage, in contrast to the spell's description, which states that the damage is applied even on a successful save. This applies to all caster level versions of the spell.

4. If cast at a neutral NPC, a successful save will result in the NPC not turning hostile, a likely consequence of successful saves erroneously negating all effects.

Expected behaviour: The 1st-level version of Chromatic Orb should not subject the caster to a saving throw, and should correctly apply the Blindness effects to the spell's target upon a failed saving throw. Targets who make successful saves against the spell should still be subjected to the spell's damage. Targetting neutrals NPCs with the spell should turn them hostile.

Games affected: BGEE, BG1/BG2 (to varying degrees).

Notes: These problems look to be holdovers from vanilla BG1.

In BG1: The caster is subjected to the erroneous save at 1st level. The 1st-level Blindness effects are not applied. All effects are negated upon a successful save, though this was intentional in BG1 and is consistent with the BG1 spell description. Successful saves don't turn neutrals hostile.

In BG2: The 1st-level Blindness effects are not applied.

These bugs are still present as of Build 0629.

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  • IgneousIgneous Member Posts: 368
    Update: These bugs are still present as of Build 0629.

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
    edited July 2012
    Building upon and expanding on @Igneous report... this is what we found with Fixpack for the mage (spwi118) and avenger version (spdr101) of the spell:
    • Cast at level one, spell duration is incorrect (10 seconds instead of 6) and the AC penalty is applied to the caster not the target. The Orb is not causing the blindness icon or the string 'blinded'. The bad target is what is causing the save reported by @Igneous in 1, above, and the blindness failure is mentioned in 2.
    • At level five durations are also wrong (20 or 120 instead of 30) and one of the effects (display icon) has an incorrect power level
    • At level 10 the string bypasses magic resistance, meaning the target could resist the actual effect but the dialogue window will report target as 'petrified' (or induce a save)
    • At level 12 the slay effect also bypasses magic resistance
    In BGEE the higher level spell headers (7+) have been removed, but they're still present in the avenger version and need these fixes.

    3. If the target of the spell makes a successful save, all effects of the spell are negated, including damage, in contrast to the spell's description, which states that the damage is applied even on a successful save. This applies to all caster level versions of the spell.
    In the file itself, the bogstandard damage has no save; if this is the observed behavior then we probably need to look at the engine. Note that the 'burn damage' at level 3 can be saved against, though the regular damage has no save.
    4. If cast at a neutral NPC, a successful save will result in the NPC not turning hostile, a likely consequence of successful saves erroneously negating all effects.
    Hostile flag is set correctly, so worth looking at in BGEE as well.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    @CamDawg - O_O well.... I'm glad I didn't have to try and figure that out lol. Thanks

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
    @SethDavis Heh, be sure to avert your eyes when I get around to posting the 'Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects' code.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    edited July 2012
    checking this one now

    blech, if it's possible whoever made that spell was greener than me.

    Potentially fixed - @CamDawg 's fix has been applied and I have mangled the spell file and added the icon/string for blindness into the effect's onAdd function. This will cause redundant messages any time a spell/item effect adds blindness and a displayString for it.

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  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited August 2012
    Confirmed mangled - the spell is no longer safely loaded in editor :D
    The description talks about higher than 7th levels, but those are not in the file, well, i guess this is because it is bg1?
    The stunned icon is displayed without saving throw (in level 5)

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    edited August 2012
    Ah, i forgot to take the icon/strings out of SPDR101.SPL - too much to hope that that was the one causing problems?

    I'll try to add in the save now.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited August 2012
    If you asked me about the editor problems, then nah, it was because some effect was removed without updating the effect block. There is an increasing amount of these due to the usage of weidu scripts that won't properly update the effect block size. I saw lots of potions unable to load too. Please note, these will cause problems with other simpler modding tools. Not sure about NI, probably it survives with mild complaints :)
    @CamDawg can you post your future WeiDU scripts to not cause this problem?

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
    NI shows these as properly indexed, 3306 bytes. Clean 0730 install.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    >.< that's not good. might have to round up the lot of them near the end and see if we can fix the size/offsets

    fixed the saves/strings though I think

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    I retract the mangledness. Though @CamDawg, my freshly download spwi118.spl is only 2026 bytes long :)
    Full hexdump here:

    0000h Signature SPL V1
    0008h UnID name 000032e5
    000ch ID name 0098967f
    0010h Completion CAS_M06
    0018h Attributes 00000000
    001ch Spelltype 0001
    001eh Usability 00000200
    0022h Casting glow 000f
    0024h UNKNOWN 00
    0025h School type 0000
    0027h Sec. type 00
    0028h *Multiplier 00000000
    002ch *Modifier 00000000
    0030h UNKNOWN 00000000
    0034h Level 00000001
    0038h UNKNOWN 0001
    003ah Book icon SPWI118C
    0042h UNKNOWN 0000
    0044h UNKNOWN
    004ch UNKNOWN 00000000
    0050h UnID desc 0000607c
    0054h ID desc 0098967f
    0058h UNKNOWN
    0060h UNKNOWN 00000000
    0064h Ext. offset 00000072
    0068h Ext. count 0007
    006ah Feat. offset 0000018a
    006eh CFB offset 0000
    0070h CFB count 0000
    0072h Ext. head 1
    0072h Spelltype 02
    0073h PST Friendly 00
    0074h Use location 0002
    0076h Use icon SPWI118B
    007eh Target type 01
    007fh Target # 00
    0080h Range 005a
    0082h Level req. 0001
    0084h Speed 0001
    0086h UNKNOWN 0000
    0088h UNKNOWN 0006
    008ah UNKNOWN 0000
    008ch UNKNOWN 0000
    008eh UNKNOWN 0001
    0090h Feat. count 0004
    0092h Feat. offset 0000
    0094h UNKNOWN 0001
    0096h UNKNOWN 0001
    0098h Projectile 0018
    009ah Ext. head 2
    009ah Spelltype 02
    009bh PST Friendly 00
    009ch Use location 0002
    009eh Use icon SPWI118B
    00a6h Target type 01
    00a7h Target # 00
    00a8h Range 005a
    00aah Level req. 0002
    00ach Speed 0001
    00aeh UNKNOWN 0000
    00b0h UNKNOWN 0006
    00b2h UNKNOWN 0000
    00b4h UNKNOWN 0000
    00b6h UNKNOWN 0001
    00b8h Feat. count 0007
    00bah Feat. offset 0004
    00bch UNKNOWN 0001
    00beh UNKNOWN 0001
    00c0h Projectile 0018
    00c2h Ext. head 3
    00c2h Spelltype 02
    00c3h PST Friendly 00
    00c4h Use location 0002
    00c6h Use icon SPWI118B
    00ceh Target type 01
    00cfh Target # 00
    00d0h Range 005a
    00d2h Level req. 0003
    00d4h Speed 0001
    00d6h UNKNOWN 0000
    00d8h UNKNOWN 0006
    00dah UNKNOWN 0000
    00dch UNKNOWN 0000
    00deh UNKNOWN 0001
    00e0h Feat. count 0003
    00e2h Feat. offset 000b
    00e4h UNKNOWN 0001
    00e6h UNKNOWN 0001
    00e8h Projectile 0018
    00eah Ext. head 4
    00eah Spelltype 02
    00ebh PST Friendly 00
    00ech Use location 0002
    00eeh Use icon SPWI118B
    00f6h Target type 01
    00f7h Target # 00
    00f8h Range 005a
    00fah Level req. 0004
    00fch Speed 0001
    00feh UNKNOWN 0000
    0100h UNKNOWN 0006
    0102h UNKNOWN 0000
    0104h UNKNOWN 0000
    0106h UNKNOWN 0001
    0108h Feat. count 0004
    010ah Feat. offset 000e
    010ch UNKNOWN 0001
    010eh UNKNOWN 0001
    0110h Projectile 0018
    0112h Ext. head 5
    0112h Spelltype 02
    0113h PST Friendly 00
    0114h Use location 0002
    0116h Use icon SPWI118B
    011eh Target type 01
    011fh Target # 00
    0120h Range 005a
    0122h Level req. 0005
    0124h Speed 0001
    0126h UNKNOWN 0000
    0128h UNKNOWN 0006
    012ah UNKNOWN 0000
    012ch UNKNOWN 0000
    012eh UNKNOWN 0001
    0130h Feat. count 0006
    0132h Feat. offset 0012
    0134h UNKNOWN 0001
    0136h UNKNOWN 0001
    0138h Projectile 0018
    013ah Ext. head 6
    013ah Spelltype 02
    013bh PST Friendly 00
    013ch Use location 0002
    013eh Use icon SPWI118B
    0146h Target type 01
    0147h Target # 00
    0148h Range 005a
    014ah Level req. 0006
    014ch Speed 0001
    014eh UNKNOWN 0000
    0150h UNKNOWN 0006
    0152h UNKNOWN 0000
    0154h UNKNOWN 0000
    0156h UNKNOWN 0001
    0158h Feat. count 0004
    015ah Feat. offset 0018
    015ch UNKNOWN 0001
    015eh UNKNOWN 0001
    0160h Projectile 0018
    0162h Ext. head 7
    0162h Spelltype 02
    0163h PST Friendly 00
    0164h Use location 0002
    0166h Use icon SPWI118B
    016eh Target type 01
    016fh Target # 00
    0170h Range 005a
    0172h Level req. 0007
    0174h Speed 0001
    0176h UNKNOWN 0000
    0178h UNKNOWN 0006
    017ah UNKNOWN 0000
    017ch UNKNOWN 0000
    017eh UNKNOWN 0001
    0180h Feat. count 0006
    0182h Feat. offset 001c
    0184h UNKNOWN 0001
    0186h UNKNOWN 0001
    0188h Projectile 0018
    018ah Feat block 1
    018ah Opcode 000c
    018ch Target type 02
    018dh Power 01
    018eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0192h Parameter 2 00400000
    0196h Timing method 01
    0197h Resistance 01
    0198h Duration 00000000
    019ch Max. prob. 64
    019dh Min. prob. 00
    019eh Resource
    01a6h Min level 00000001
    01aah Max level 00000004
    01aeh S. throw type 00000000
    01b2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    01b6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    01bah Feat block 2
    01bah Opcode 004a
    01bch Target type 02
    01bdh Power 01
    01beh Parameter 1 00000000
    01c2h Parameter 2 00000000
    01c6h Timing method 00
    01c7h Resistance 01
    01c8h Duration 00000006
    01cch Max. prob. 64
    01cdh Min. prob. 00
    01ceh Resource
    01d6h Min level 00000000
    01dah Max level 00000000
    01deh S. throw type 00000001
    01e2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    01e6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    01eah Feat block 3
    01eah Opcode 008d
    01ech Target type 02
    01edh Power 01
    01eeh Parameter 1 00000000
    01f2h Parameter 2 00000019
    01f6h Timing method 01
    01f7h Resistance 01
    01f8h Duration 00000000
    01fch Max. prob. 64
    01fdh Min. prob. 00
    01feh Resource
    0206h Min level 00000000
    020ah Max level 00000000
    020eh S. throw type 00000000
    0212h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0216h UNKNOWN 00000000
    021ah Feat block 4
    021ah Opcode 00ae
    021ch Target type 02
    021dh Power 01
    021eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0222h Parameter 2 00000000
    0226h Timing method 04
    0227h Resistance 01
    0228h Duration 00000006
    022ch Max. prob. 64
    022dh Min. prob. 00
    022eh Resource EFF_E05
    0236h Min level 00000000
    023ah Max level 00000000
    023eh S. throw type 00000001
    0242h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0246h UNKNOWN 00000000
    024ah Feat block 5
    024ah Opcode 000c
    024ch Target type 02
    024dh Power 01
    024eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0252h Parameter 2 00400000
    0256h Timing method 01
    0257h Resistance 01
    0258h Duration 00000000
    025ch Max. prob. 64
    025dh Min. prob. 00
    025eh Resource
    0266h Min level 00000001
    026ah Max level 00000006
    026eh S. throw type 00000000
    0272h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0276h UNKNOWN 00000000
    027ah Feat block 6
    027ah Opcode 0000
    027ch Target type 02
    027dh Power 01
    027eh Parameter 1 ffffffff
    0282h Parameter 2 00000000
    0286h Timing method 00
    0287h Resistance 01
    0288h Duration 0000000a
    028ch Max. prob. 64
    028dh Min. prob. 00
    028eh Resource
    0296h Min level 00000000
    029ah Max level 00000000
    029eh S. throw type 00000001
    02a2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    02a6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    02aah Feat block 7
    02aah Opcode 000f
    02ach Target type 02
    02adh Power 01
    02aeh Parameter 1 ffffffff
    02b2h Parameter 2 00000000
    02b6h Timing method 00
    02b7h Resistance 01
    02b8h Duration 0000000a
    02bch Max. prob. 64
    02bdh Min. prob. 00
    02beh Resource
    02c6h Min level 00000000
    02cah Max level 00000000
    02ceh S. throw type 00000001
    02d2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    02d6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    02dah Feat block 8
    02dah Opcode 002c
    02dch Target type 02
    02ddh Power 01
    02deh Parameter 1 ffffffff
    02e2h Parameter 2 00000000
    02e6h Timing method 00
    02e7h Resistance 01
    02e8h Duration 0000000a
    02ech Max. prob. 64
    02edh Min. prob. 00
    02eeh Resource
    02f6h Min level 00000000
    02fah Max level 00000000
    02feh S. throw type 00000001
    0302h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0306h UNKNOWN 00000000
    030ah Feat block 9
    030ah Opcode 0036
    030ch Target type 02
    030dh Power 01
    030eh Parameter 1 ffffffff
    0312h Parameter 2 00000000
    0316h Timing method 00
    0317h Resistance 01
    0318h Duration 0000000a
    031ch Max. prob. 64
    031dh Min. prob. 00
    031eh Resource
    0326h Min level 00000000
    032ah Max level 00000000
    032eh S. throw type 00000001
    0332h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0336h UNKNOWN 00000000
    033ah Feat block 10
    033ah Opcode 008d
    033ch Target type 02
    033dh Power 01
    033eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0342h Parameter 2 00000019
    0346h Timing method 01
    0347h Resistance 01
    0348h Duration 00000000
    034ch Max. prob. 64
    034dh Min. prob. 00
    034eh Resource
    0356h Min level 00000000
    035ah Max level 00000000
    035eh S. throw type 00000000
    0362h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0366h UNKNOWN 00000000
    036ah Feat block 11
    036ah Opcode 00ae
    036ch Target type 02
    036dh Power 01
    036eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0372h Parameter 2 00000000
    0376h Timing method 04
    0377h Resistance 01
    0378h Duration 0000000a
    037ch Max. prob. 64
    037dh Min. prob. 00
    037eh Resource EFF_E05
    0386h Min level 00000000
    038ah Max level 00000000
    038eh S. throw type 00000001
    0392h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0396h UNKNOWN 00000000
    039ah Feat block 12
    039ah Opcode 000c
    039ch Target type 02
    039dh Power 01
    039eh Parameter 1 00000000
    03a2h Parameter 2 00400000
    03a6h Timing method 01
    03a7h Resistance 01
    03a8h Duration 00000000
    03ach Max. prob. 64
    03adh Min. prob. 00
    03aeh Resource
    03b6h Min level 00000001
    03bah Max level 00000008
    03beh S. throw type 00000000
    03c2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    03c6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    03cah Feat block 13
    03cah Opcode 000c
    03cch Target type 02
    03cdh Power 01
    03ceh Parameter 1 00000000
    03d2h Parameter 2 00080000
    03d6h Timing method 01
    03d7h Resistance 01
    03d8h Duration 00000000
    03dch Max. prob. 64
    03ddh Min. prob. 00
    03deh Resource
    03e6h Min level 00000001
    03eah Max level 00000008
    03eeh S. throw type 00000001
    03f2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    03f6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    03fah Feat block 14
    03fah Opcode 008d
    03fch Target type 02
    03fdh Power 01
    03feh Parameter 1 00000000
    0402h Parameter 2 00000019
    0406h Timing method 01
    0407h Resistance 01
    0408h Duration 00000000
    040ch Max. prob. 64
    040dh Min. prob. 00
    040eh Resource
    0416h Min level 00000000
    041ah Max level 00000000
    041eh S. throw type 00000000
    0422h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0426h UNKNOWN 00000000
    042ah Feat block 15
    042ah Opcode 000c
    042ch Target type 02
    042dh Power 01
    042eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0432h Parameter 2 00400000
    0436h Timing method 01
    0437h Resistance 01
    0438h Duration 00000000
    043ch Max. prob. 64
    043dh Min. prob. 00
    043eh Resource
    0446h Min level 00000001
    044ah Max level 0000000a
    044eh S. throw type 00000000
    0452h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0456h UNKNOWN 00000000
    045ah Feat block 16
    045ah Opcode 004a
    045ch Target type 02
    045dh Power 01
    045eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0462h Parameter 2 00000000
    0466h Timing method 00
    0467h Resistance 01
    0468h Duration 0000003c
    046ch Max. prob. 64
    046dh Min. prob. 00
    046eh Resource
    0476h Min level 00000000
    047ah Max level 00000000
    047eh S. throw type 00000001
    0482h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0486h UNKNOWN 00000000
    048ah Feat block 17
    048ah Opcode 008d
    048ch Target type 02
    048dh Power 01
    048eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0492h Parameter 2 00000019
    0496h Timing method 01
    0497h Resistance 01
    0498h Duration 00000000
    049ch Max. prob. 64
    049dh Min. prob. 00
    049eh Resource
    04a6h Min level 00000000
    04aah Max level 00000000
    04aeh S. throw type 00000000
    04b2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    04b6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    04bah Feat block 18
    04bah Opcode 00ae
    04bch Target type 02
    04bdh Power 01
    04beh Parameter 1 00000000
    04c2h Parameter 2 00000000
    04c6h Timing method 04
    04c7h Resistance 01
    04c8h Duration 0000003c
    04cch Max. prob. 64
    04cdh Min. prob. 00
    04ceh Resource EFF_E05
    04d6h Min level 00000000
    04dah Max level 00000000
    04deh S. throw type 00000001
    04e2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    04e6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    04eah Feat block 19
    04eah Opcode 000c
    04ech Target type 02
    04edh Power 01
    04eeh Parameter 1 00000000
    04f2h Parameter 2 00400000
    04f6h Timing method 01
    04f7h Resistance 01
    04f8h Duration 00000000
    04fch Max. prob. 64
    04fdh Min. prob. 00
    04feh Resource
    0506h Min level 00000001
    050ah Max level 0000000c
    050eh S. throw type 00000000
    0512h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0516h UNKNOWN 00000000
    051ah Feat block 20
    051ah Opcode 002d
    051ch Target type 02
    051dh Power 01
    051eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0522h Parameter 2 00000000
    0526h Timing method 00
    0527h Resistance 01
    0528h Duration 00000012
    052ch Max. prob. 64
    052dh Min. prob. 00
    052eh Resource
    0536h Min level 00000000
    053ah Max level 00000000
    053eh S. throw type 00000001
    0542h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0546h UNKNOWN 00000000
    054ah Feat block 21
    054ah Opcode 008d
    054ch Target type 02
    054dh Power 01
    054eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0552h Parameter 2 00000019
    0556h Timing method 01
    0557h Resistance 01
    0558h Duration 00000000
    055ch Max. prob. 64
    055dh Min. prob. 00
    055eh Resource
    0566h Min level 00000000
    056ah Max level 00000000
    056eh S. throw type 00000000
    0572h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0576h UNKNOWN 00000000
    057ah Feat block 22
    057ah Opcode 008b
    057ch Target type 02
    057dh Power 01
    057eh Parameter 1 000036db
    0582h Parameter 2 00000000
    0586h Timing method 01
    0587h Resistance 01
    0588h Duration 00000000
    058ch Max. prob. 64
    058dh Min. prob. 00
    058eh Resource
    0596h Min level 00000000
    059ah Max level 00000000
    059eh S. throw type 00000000
    05a2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    05a6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    05aah Feat block 23
    05aah Opcode 00ae
    05ach Target type 02
    05adh Power 01
    05aeh Parameter 1 00000000
    05b2h Parameter 2 00000000
    05b6h Timing method 04
    05b7h Resistance 01
    05b8h Duration 00000012
    05bch Max. prob. 64
    05bdh Min. prob. 00
    05beh Resource EFF_E05
    05c6h Min level 00000000
    05cah Max level 00000000
    05ceh S. throw type 00000001
    05d2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    05d6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    05dah Feat block 24
    05dah Opcode 008e
    05dch Target type 02
    05ddh Power 01
    05deh Parameter 1 00000000
    05e2h Parameter 2 00000037
    05e6h Timing method 00
    05e7h Resistance 01
    05e8h Duration 00000012
    05ech Max. prob. 64
    05edh Min. prob. 00
    05eeh Resource
    05f6h Min level 00000000
    05fah Max level 00000000
    05feh S. throw type 00000000
    0602h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0606h UNKNOWN 00000000
    060ah Feat block 25
    060ah Opcode 000c
    060ch Target type 02
    060dh Power 01
    060eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0612h Parameter 2 00400000
    0616h Timing method 01
    0617h Resistance 01
    0618h Duration 00000000
    061ch Max. prob. 64
    061dh Min. prob. 00
    061eh Resource
    0626h Min level 00000002
    062ah Max level 00000008
    062eh S. throw type 00000000
    0632h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0636h UNKNOWN 00000000
    063ah Feat block 26
    063ah Opcode 0036
    063ch Target type 02
    063dh Power 01
    063eh Parameter 1 fffffffc
    0642h Parameter 2 00000000
    0646h Timing method 00
    0647h Resistance 01
    0648h Duration 0000003c
    064ch Max. prob. 64
    064dh Min. prob. 00
    064eh Resource
    0656h Min level 00000000
    065ah Max level 00000000
    065eh S. throw type 00000001
    0662h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0666h UNKNOWN 00000000
    066ah Feat block 27
    066ah Opcode 008d
    066ch Target type 02
    066dh Power 01
    066eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0672h Parameter 2 00000019
    0676h Timing method 01
    0677h Resistance 01
    0678h Duration 00000000
    067ch Max. prob. 64
    067dh Min. prob. 00
    067eh Resource
    0686h Min level 00000000
    068ah Max level 00000000
    068eh S. throw type 00000000
    0692h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0696h UNKNOWN 00000000
    069ah Feat block 28
    069ah Opcode 00ae
    069ch Target type 02
    069dh Power 01
    069eh Parameter 1 00000000
    06a2h Parameter 2 00000000
    06a6h Timing method 04
    06a7h Resistance 01
    06a8h Duration 0000003c
    06ach Max. prob. 64
    06adh Min. prob. 00
    06aeh Resource EFF_E05
    06b6h Min level 00000000
    06bah Max level 00000000
    06beh S. throw type 00000001
    06c2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    06c6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    06cah Feat block 29
    06cah Opcode 000c
    06cch Target type 02
    06cdh Power 01
    06ceh Parameter 1 00000000
    06d2h Parameter 2 00400000
    06d6h Timing method 01
    06d7h Resistance 01
    06d8h Duration 00000000
    06dch Max. prob. 64
    06ddh Min. prob. 00
    06deh Resource
    06e6h Min level 00000002
    06eah Max level 00000008
    06eeh S. throw type 00000000
    06f2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    06f6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    06fah Feat block 30
    06fah Opcode 002d
    06fch Target type 02
    06fdh Power 01
    06feh Parameter 1 00000000
    0702h Parameter 2 00000000
    0706h Timing method 00
    0707h Resistance 01
    0708h Duration 00000078
    070ch Max. prob. 64
    070dh Min. prob. 00
    070eh Resource
    0716h Min level 00000000
    071ah Max level 00000000
    071eh S. throw type 00000001
    0722h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0726h UNKNOWN 00000000
    072ah Feat block 31
    072ah Opcode 008d
    072ch Target type 02
    072dh Power 01
    072eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0732h Parameter 2 00000019
    0736h Timing method 01
    0737h Resistance 01
    0738h Duration 00000000
    073ch Max. prob. 64
    073dh Min. prob. 00
    073eh Resource
    0746h Min level 00000000
    074ah Max level 00000000
    074eh S. throw type 00000000
    0752h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0756h UNKNOWN 00000000
    075ah Feat block 32
    075ah Opcode 008b
    075ch Target type 02
    075dh Power 01
    075eh Parameter 1 000036db
    0762h Parameter 2 00000000
    0766h Timing method 01
    0767h Resistance 01
    0768h Duration 00000000
    076ch Max. prob. 64
    076dh Min. prob. 00
    076eh Resource
    0776h Min level 00000000
    077ah Max level 00000000
    077eh S. throw type 00000001
    0782h S. throw bonus 00000000
    0786h UNKNOWN 00000000
    078ah Feat block 33
    078ah Opcode 00ae
    078ch Target type 02
    078dh Power 01
    078eh Parameter 1 00000000
    0792h Parameter 2 00000000
    0796h Timing method 04
    0797h Resistance 01
    0798h Duration 00000078
    079ch Max. prob. 64
    079dh Min. prob. 00
    079eh Resource EFF_E05
    07a6h Min level 00000000
    07aah Max level 00000000
    07aeh S. throw type 00000001
    07b2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    07b6h UNKNOWN 00000000
    07bah Feat block 34
    07bah Opcode 008e
    07bch Target type 02
    07bdh Power 00
    07beh Parameter 1 00000000
    07c2h Parameter 2 00000037
    07c6h Timing method 00
    07c7h Resistance 00
    07c8h Duration 00000078
    07cch Max. prob. 64
    07cdh Min. prob. 00
    07ceh Resource
    07d6h Min level 00000000
    07dah Max level 00000000
    07deh S. throw type 00000001
    07e2h S. throw bonus 00000000
    07e6h UNKNOWN 00000000

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited August 2012
    Well, chromatic orb's description was wiped :(
    The strref in the tlk table at 12174 is intact. So, if there was no problem with that bg1 description, just fix both spl.
    Otherwise the effects seem correct everywhere.
    Lets say: confirmed not fixed

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    Looks like this one just needs the spell description and tooltip back.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    edited August 2012

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  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    Dun dun dun... I was checking description from BG2. Damn inconstistency between both games.
    Well there is still the thing about lvl5 ability's display string/portrait icon.

    If we want to stay in line with BG1 save vs. spell negates everything, damage and effect.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    Huh, you are right, level 5 has 2 effects without setting spell saving throw. @CamDawg

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    Problem was that the patch above sets only the 'resistance' field, not the saving throw type field.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    edited August 2012
    SPDR101 is still the BG2 version of Chromatic Orb.

    SPWI118 is currently a mix between BG1 and BG2.

    So which is it?
    - BG1 spell, which has more chances to affect target but a save negates everything. Only the effect of current caster level is used.
    - BG2 spell with high save bonus against secondary effect (+6) but damage can't be saved against. Caster has access to orb colors of his current level and below.
    - Keep as it is and update description

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    I think we should just import the BG2 version of the spell to keep everything consistent.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    Nobody picked it up so I tried to do some things with it in NI, but before listing the changes, one question :

    - Description is currently from BG1 (strref 12174), it only accounts for effects up to level 7, which is the highest level reachable in vBG1 (sans ToTSC), with ToTSC you could reach up to lvl 9, in BGEE probably lvl 10. What do we do with these levels?

    Attached file is a corrected spwi118, strictly conforming to BG1 description :

    - Added a save vs. spell for lvl5 spell ability to display string/portrait icon effects.
    - Added save vs. spell to all damage effects.
    - Corrected strref (12174).

    Observations :

    - Might as well make a copy of it and rename to SPDR101 (Avenger's Chromatic Orb resref).
    - With the BG1 behaviour (spell abilty used is that of the latest obtained level), it is a bit too strong at lvl5. So much that you might as well skip lvl6 until you reach lvl7 required experience and fill your lvl1 memorization slots with Chromatic Orb (Edwin + Ring of Wizardry, stun galore with no bonus on save)

    Can we have a consensus on this spell? You can tell I care much this spell :p

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    edited August 2012
    Removed fixed BG1 spell if we're gonna use BG2 version.

    Post edited by lansounet on
  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    Well, I'll just repeat my opinion, I think the spell should adhere to the BG2 description.

    I can't comment on balance issues though.

    Lol, now that I think about it, we should check if Daevorn (sp?) isn't a pushover now that he's back to being human.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    edited August 2012
    He's back to human but he has custom items (magebrac/mage05), like most bosses, granting him many immunities. He had them in vBG1 too anyway (albeit less fleshed out ones), no idea why he was labelled an Ankheg.

    Tanthalas said:

    Well, I'll just repeat my opinion, I think the spell should adhere to the BG2 description.

    I mostly agree there but the save bonus (-6) from BG2 is a bit harsh for BG1 IMO when you don't have Greater Malison (though there's still Doom, Chant(bad), and uh... something?)

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    Hmm, well, we can either halve that save bonus and remove some utility from the spell in BG2EE or we can implement a complicated function to the spell where the save bonus is modified with the level of the caster so that it can stay balanced for BGEE and BG2EE.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    A bit more thought leads me to think BG2 version is just fine actually, never seen people complain about it from BGT standpoint (don't know if Tutu restores BG1 spells or uses BG2 resources).

    Anyone else wants to chime in? BG1 vs BG2 vs middle-ground-mix?

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    I'm not giving up so easily.

    Has a decision been made about which version of that spell to use?

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
    I think we've been using BG2 spells more or less across the board.

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    edited August 2012
    @CamDawg Okay I'll be pulling up my vBG2 version and see if anything is wrong with it. Surely you would know if fixpack already touches that one? Guess I'll check the shiny new doc before you answer that :)

    EDIT : Well quite a bunch indeed. So what's the course of action? Provide vBG2 file (they surely have it though) and apply WeiDU magic ripped from fixpack, or just provide fixpack'd file?

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    Ringing some bells @SethDavis for a word on this, please xoxo

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