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YosharianYosharian Member Posts: 67
So, apparently the bigg is not interested in updating WEIDU (the 'Tuesday' comment was a joke it seems).

What does everyone think about this?

Is it even worth waiting for a WEIDU update, since there are workarounds to get the old WEIDU working with BG:EE? BG:EE update problems notwithstanding... (reinstalling all mods everytime Beamdog updates is a pain in the arse...)

Is anyone working on WEIDU in the bigg's place? Is it possible someone from Gibberlings3 could take it over?

I'm probably going to wait for the last couple of BG1 mods to come out (NPC Project and Unfinished Business) before I begin my playthrough. I guess it can't hurt to wait a bit, since Beamdog are still actively patching out bugs.


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