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Recovering fallen paladin/ranger

Stargazer5781Stargazer5781 Member Posts: 182
I was playing towards the end of BG:EE and accidentally killed some Flaming Fist mercenaries. My reputation plunged and, having never played a paladin before, I didn't realize this meant he'd become fallen and lose all his powers. Looked all over forums, guides, etc. and everyone agreed that short of re-loading the game or a lengthy quest in Baldur's Gate 2 (which we can't do 'til BG2:EE comes out), it's not possible to recover a fallen paladin or ranger. There's no CLUA command to do it nor can you do it with shadowkeeper. There is a way to do it with scripts, which I'm sure modding vets know about but was new for me, so if you're in the boat I was, here are the steps to set things right.

1. If you're using enhanced edition, follow the guide for how to get mods to work. Most
important part is setting up Near Infinity to work properly.

2. Open up Near Infinity.

3. Click on Scripts.

4. Create a new script or click on one of the existing ones.

5. Add the following into the text of the script:


If you're playing a ranger, RegainPaladinhood() should be replaced with RegainRangerHood()

6. Click "Compile" and then click "Save"

7. Open up Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and load your save file.

8. Open up your fallen character's character sheet, click on customize, and then scripts. Assign
them the script that you just created/edited.

9. Turn party AI on, and with the fallen character selected, press D. You should no longer be



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