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Hangook Play BG 2 ... Hangook mal or Yongah voice?

BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
Anonhasio Hangook Surum. Waygookin Yongo Sunsannim imnida. Dongpa Megooking. sicsha mani sangulpsal.

Do you think I will get in trouble if I play Baldurs Gate at my Public school?

Hankook Comptuer Sunsangnim may find out...

But I am very boring and dun dun Namja fatty.

I did not know Korean people also play BG so much.... Jin Jah?

Anyway I hope you are ok in Korea... I am very fat and lazy ... I play BG 2 too much... I should go to the Nori Bang with my western friends.... we like to sing K-pop together Last Christmas - she is cuapdah buy older now.... anyhow is the Hanguel version very good? I should try and download the Hanguel version and then practice Korean language reading... are there Korean voice actors too? ha ha do they have a funny British character voice for it? Yongook Suram Yongo Mal choioh... the brit 'rough and tumble" voice is good...

ok it is 10 pm in korea I should go to bed ... tomorrow i am going hiking! bye camsamnida


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