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Hard to Tap certain NPCs/chests/entrances

I'm having a hard time to tap correctly NPCs/chests/entrances, missing a lot of taps, is it me or touchable area of those items should a little bigger? I'm on iPad 3



  • RafnerRafner Member Posts: 64
    Definately agreeing with this as well. Picking up loot and walking through doorways can sometimes take up to a minute just because I can't find that exact tiny spot that has to be pressed.

  • johnsojohnso Member Posts: 6
    edited December 2012
    Same here, mostly with doorways. Although to be fair this is on the ipad mini

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    Doorways I noticed are easier if you tap further into them. Items are easiest if you zoom in. NPCs you should tap by their feet where the reticle appears. I do agree that it's something that should be tweaked though. I've had trouble targeting enemies when paused, I'm just never 100% sure I have them targeted.

  • CanadianMohawkCanadianMohawk Member Posts: 1
    I'm going to agree with everything said here. It could be improved. On iPad 2 here.

  • UxianUxian Member Posts: 4
    I've just sat here for 5 minutes trying to get into Reevor's Storehouse having barely started the game and always ending up just standing in the doorway. Maybe the highlight button could also show where to tap for entrances as well as doors.

  • Ez92Ez92 Member Posts: 2
    I'm finding that that game is currently unplayable. I was really excited to get this on the ipad, but now, not so much. I'm stuck in the Candlekeep Inn and I can't get out! Been loading and reloading, but my character just gets stuck in the doorway. If a simple action leads to so much frustration, I'll want my money back! (But really, I'd like it to get fixed so I can play! :)

  • Garrison64Garrison64 Member Posts: 72
    Haven't had so much trouble getting into and out of places but I have gotten stuck for a few seconds at times. It definitely could be easier. I've had far more problems targeting items especially when it comes to bodies or other items on the floor. Not so much with chests or other interactive items. Targeting enemies is also more difficult than it should be.

  • thedjcoderthedjcoder Member Posts: 5
    They messed up on the controls. But I am still super happy to play it on iPad. :)
    I hope they spend some more time with it. A classic like BG deserves better controls.

  • raywindraywind Member Posts: 289
    Only thing it needs is that "tab" highlight button to be on all the time or togle on/off switch.

  • SweeneyishSweeneyish Member Posts: 3
    Same issues here on iPad 3. I'm still having a good time, but the entrances/exits are definitely a bit of a pain, as well as selecting items and enemies.

  • davemodavemo Member Posts: 147
    I agree with raywind. My initial feeling was that the highlight button needs to be a toggle due to peculiarities of touch interfaces.

  • johnsojohnso Member Posts: 6
    edited December 2012
    So what are people's success stories with getting into buildings? Where do you tap exactly? I try to tap a bit inside the building, like I did on the PC version. Or does the problem mostly happen at certain angles? (I suspect a diagonal door is giving me more problems than one that is horizontal. But it's likely where I am pressing that is causing the issue.)

    I think the PC version used to have a hover effect that showed where to click for buildings/stairs, but that is obviously not here in the touch tablet version. Although I second the comment to at least make the blue glow Highlight key show where to press.

    I got into the Candlekeep places eventually, but now I'm in a different town, Beregost, and I can't get into the Friendly Arm Inn easily. The Thunrderhammer Smithy was fine, but the Inn took a few dozen attempts and even then I'm not sure how I got in (maybe I went back to the main menu screen and came back, and then it left me in).

    I'd love to see a tweak that either enlarges the building target or even just lets me double tap a door to auto enter. I also don't know if the iPad Mini makes even a smaller target (although I have small fingers) and that is causing more trouble than normal. Still loving the game though. It's a thrill to hold this 6 disc PC classic game in my small iPad and take it with me on the couch while the kids watch TV. I'll live with some small issues for that convenience alone.

  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 1,933
    I'm also finding doorways, and picking up things to be difficult. Nothing game-breaking, just frustrating at times. Touch points, and character circles need to be bigger, or clearer (?). On an unrelated note, I look forward to being able to use custom portraits too!

    But overall I'm loving this! Great to have this game available anywhere.

  • BigityBigity Member Posts: 98
    Still haven't been able to get into Firebeard's house in Bereghost

  • ShadiouShadiou Member Posts: 14
    I never did end up getting into Reevor's Storehouse, but I'm having so much fun on the iPad anyway I didn't really mind.

  • CalisCalis Member Posts: 2
    mhh i dont have much prblems with targeting doors in candlekeep and the friendly arm, mhh maybe i should give my bamboo pen for the Ipad a try. I guess touching the exact spot, which needs to be touched for a door etc, depends on the thicknesss of the fingertips as well ;)
    So wurstfinger wont help much ;)

  • GregGrayGregGray Member Posts: 6
    I think they should consider a toggle (use the one thaey added for hints) into mouse over mode like you find in TeamViewer and such for remote access to PCs. The game was obviously designed for a mouse so the easiest fix would be to let us have one when we need it. I know it is not perfect but until they can pull of perfect I'd be very happy with good enough :)

  • Same here re: hard to tap areas (items, doors). Still think this is fantastic work and a great accomplishment by the dev team. Being older than dirt, the iPad isn't the best on my ancient eyes for this type of game, so I'll definitely buy the Mac version so I can play it through on a larger screen. For now, I think I'll create an evil character (Blackguard?) and see how long I can last trying to kill every NPC off.

  • Garrison64Garrison64 Member Posts: 72
    edited December 2012
    Is anyone here using a stylus because I was curious if that seemed to help since it seems like it would offer a more precise contact point?

  • hazmatzakhazmatzak Member Posts: 9
    For doors, you tap the ground just ahead of where the door opens. Which makes sense, because otherwise you're standing in front of the door, not inside. The majority of doors face south, so it's a second tap in roughly the same spot, maybe on the bottom half of where the door was. For the others you have to project where that would be. As with the on-screen keyboard, I'm pretty successful just "using the Force" and don't worry about it much. Maybe it's because I paid my penance wasting several minutes trying to find the basement door in the tutorial.

    Loot is not as easy. A touch-friendly solution could be to have an extra control to open the nearest non-empty loot in a small radius, which is shown. You could also tap the Thieving button and that control. In either case you also automatically move to the center of that spot, if any. Unless I'm forgetting something, that would not break the game mechanics, but would compensate for lack of hover.

  • SofaJockeySofaJockey Member Posts: 7
    I find using a bamboo stylus is lovely on the iPad. Not perfect - still miss doors and loot sometimes, but still a precise and comfortable way to play.

  • AmerigoVAmerigoV Member Posts: 8
    For stubborn doorways, I move the party away a few inches and hit pause. Then I target the door area with the group highlighted. If only one character circle pops up, I know I got the right spot (presuming there is more than one PC in the party) and I release the pause. Its still annoying, but at lease it beats running the party back and forth around the doorway.

  • CelthalionCelthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 16
    Same problems here, especially with enemy targeting while paused. I will often unpause and my party will run toward the monsters and stand there without doing anything.

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    edited December 2012

    I find using a bamboo stylus is lovely on the iPad. Not perfect - still miss doors and loot sometimes, but still a precise and comfortable way to play.

    I think I may have to buy a stylus. I too just started to play and the tapping to find the doors is annoying.

    Also, there needs to be more visual feed back that an enemy is to be attacked. As it is now, there are no visual cues that tapping orders has been successful until you see it in the text description window. Perhaps the circles under targeted enemies could briefly highlight when targrtted, or some other simple visual cue could be implemented.

    It's a minor issue, but important for ease of use....I think the epic battles in bg2 would be difficult with the current system.

  • jonnapierjonnapier Member Posts: 4
    Agreed ... Spent half an hour trying to go upstairs in candlekeep inn until i realised i had to click halfway up the stairs instead of at the top! Finding the entire game almost unplayable on the iPad.

  • jivanrijjivanrij Member Posts: 1
    This issue is really killing my game fun :( i suggets a new button on the right side of the screen, when you push it, your character will enter the closest opened door in a rage of 2 meters.

    When i'm in a town, 50% of my play time consists of trying to enter rooms, stairs and stuf like that :(

  • johnsojohnso Member Posts: 6
    Someone posted a nice solution to the door problem in another thread.

    Garrison64 Sorry to whoever put this in another thread. I couldn't find it to give you credit. I was not the one who came up with this but it works and with all the threads regarding this I figured a thread like this may help centralize things.

    Anyway, to enter a door simply select your party, the whole party, then pause the game and tap on the door you wish to enter. If you see targeting reticles for your entire party where you tapped you missed the door. If you see only one reticle you have tapped on the correct spot. Unpause the game to enter the door. This has worked every time for me so far.

  • iKrivetkoiKrivetko Member Posts: 934
    jivanrij said:

    in a rage of 2 meters

    Made me giggle.

  • LeoherbieLeoherbie Member Posts: 6
    Agree with everything said here. On third generation iPad

  • DeckyonDeckyon Member Posts: 1
    Same issues with doors and NPCs as well. The loot and chests are not too bad, haven't had issues with that. IPad 3

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