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[BUG] have to restart the game after 30 mins or so, game turns slow.

After playing a session of 30 mins aprox. I'm getting slow framerates as well as the game moving slower. It happens mainly if some actions with spells is carried. It's strange because loading times and general game play is pretty smooth, the iPad is more than capable to handle this game and the devs did a good job with the EE on non-spells battles (I read they fixed some blocking memory issues on the original title) and it's visible since battle rounds do not suffer from the original hiccups I remember on original BG.

I have to close the app process and restart it to solve the issue. Thanks god loading times are almost nonexistent.


  • SarthosSarthos Member Posts: 31
    Make sure you don't have a bunch of other apps open. They have to give up memory if asked, but it adds time.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    edited December 2012
    Keep in mind there are known memory leak/issues within the application. Take a look at some of the other threads on the board and you'll find that several people are reporting the same thing you are...after a certain (somewhat random) amount of time the game starts to get slow, black screen, otherwise start crashing on them.

    Only a Force Close/Open of the app or a restart of the iPad seems to solve the issue. That said, for some stupid reason, I don't seem to have this listed in the iPad bugs / issues post, so I'll go ahead and link it up for "general crash" issues.

    Please note that this is a WELL REPORTED and ACKNOWLEDGED bug on Beamdog's part. Even Trent on Twitter has noted that they're aware of a memory leak across the game/'s what's keeping the iPad 1 from properly being supported.

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