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Familiar are kept on character export

Behaviour in vanilla BG2: If you cast find familiar and export your character the bonus HP are kept on your character even without a familiar on import and you can summon another familiar in the new game to gain even more HP. You can't even avoid that bug if you want because there is no way to get rid of your familiar without losing a point of con.

Expected behavior: The bonus HP is not kept on export.


  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    Well if someone plans to gain infinite hp from this scheme, he/she may as well shadowkeeper the bonus hp. (Just saying, I agree with the op).

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    edited December 2012
    When importing a character with a Familiar in their inventory, the Familiar, when released, simply disappears, leaving the mage with the extra HP but no Familiar.

    Secondly, the mage can subsequently cast Find Familiar again to gain a new familiar, along with an additional bonus to their HP.

    Importing should remove both the Familiar and the HP bonus entirely. Failing this, then the familiar should be releasable without vanishing, and prevent an extra familiar from being summoned.

  • johjoh Member Posts: 9
    The same thing happens with BG:EE sadly.

  • RaphielDrakeRaphielDrake Member Posts: 41
    edited February 2013
    Completely agree with OP. This happened to me with BG:EE. Now I can't create another familiar because it'll basically be cheating. I can swallow a bit of an advantage but unless you outright avoid summoning familiars you basically get limitless amounts of hp which is ridiculous.

    In order to compensate perhaps hp could be calculated purely from the imported characters constitution and level.

  • BuurmanSvenBuurmanSven Member Posts: 5
    Calculating the hp from imported chars con and level won't work since the character can be higher level and you won't know what his rolls were. I think the problem is either in the game not exporting the familiar correctly or not importing the familiar correctly. Either of these should be patched, which should be easy (as in, the logic to write is pretty easy) but may be hard depending on how the familiar is saved in the current game.

  • DeathKnightDeathKnight Member Posts: 93
    This is no bug! This is the perfect way to export-import your character, with familiar in inventory, starting new game, and gaining upon each new start a permanent +12 hitpoints!

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