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What are your BG Couples?! :O

IcecreamtubIcecreamtub Member Posts: 547
Spoilers? I don't know if these can be classed as spoilers, actually? :o

Drizzt x Viconia 4 lyf. >.> Sorry, I just... You know... ;-;

Aerie x Imoen (Cute Lesbians, why not?)

Jaheira x Faldorn
(Never actually met her, but they clash in a bad way, apparently, which makes them sound good.)

Anomen x Ajantis (Dat young boy love) <--- Somehow my favourite. I don't know.

Kivan x Coran (Just cos)

Minsc x Dorn (LOL)

Neera x Dynaheir (I have no idea.)

Edwin x Garick

Safana x Alora (._.)

Skie x Silke (:D)

Yeslick x Kagain (Dwarfffffff looooooove)

Xan x Xzar (Incest much...)

Montatron x Khalid (I have no idea what my mind is doing right now.)

Yoshimo x Eric or w/e his name is from BG1

(I seem to be pairing the identical people together ._.)

Sarevok x Rasaad (HAHAHAHA)

I'm having so much fuuun!!!

I think that's it?

Oh, Mazzy x ... ? I dunno? O_o Mazzy x ....?! No idea. MAZZY X QUAYLE :DDDDDD

Tiax x Valygar. :|

I can actually see all of these working. Somehow.


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