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Durlag's Goblet / Kiel's Helmet interact [bug/exploit]

HeadbombHeadbomb Member Posts: 213
edited January 2013 in Not An Issue
Current behaviour:
If you equip Kiel's Helmet (immune to panic), then drink from Durlag's Goblet (Full Heal + Panic Curse for 12 hours), you get fully heal, don't panic, but get a cursed icon. Which makes Durlag's Goblet a very valuable item (I can currently fully heal 4 party members at will, my PC, Coran, Minsc, and Yeslick), if you have Kiel's Helmet.

Is this the intended behaviour? Because if you're immune to panic, then it pretty much seems like you're immune to this specific curse... I suppose you could remove the helmet, and run into some enemies, then panic, but this is not the current behaviour...

Expected behaviour:
Not really sure, but there's a couple of options that come to mind (although I'm sure there are more)

1a) If Kiel's Helmet is only meant to protect you from the curse while you wear it, then you should panic as soon as you remove Kiel's Helmet / encounter a hostile.
1b) If Kiel's Helmet is meant to protect you from the curse (permanently), then no curse icon should appear.

Regardless of 1a) or 1b), while it's not game breaking to see a full heal for one character without panicking, being able to do so at will seems a tad bit ridiculously overpowered. It seems more reasonable to make it so

2a) Durlag's Goblet can be used once a day only?
2b) Durlag's Goblet has number of charges?
2c) Durlag's Goblet is a one-use item?

Personally, 1a and 2a seem like the best options.

Edit: It does seem like Durlag's Goblet has a certain ammount of charges, because I used this trick several times to heal, and it disappeared. If so, the number of charges should be indicated. If not, well there's another issue with that item them.

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