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A picture of my CHARNAME!

NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,511
Well, I spent so much time on it, I figured I could at least share it with fellow BG gamers rather than let it rot in my DeviantArt gallery. ^_^;;


(Warning! Lots of text below!)

As my username suggests, I like to write fantasy stories. So what better way to get a good laugh than to put one of my own story characters into the world of Baldur's Gate? XD

Meet Markra de Legnaria, the demigod prince of the war-ravaged kingdom of the winged-race, Legnaria. He'd only just gotten his stolen throne back when all of a sudden, he falls into a deep slumber, and awakens in the Forgotten Realms universe! Apparently he's the ward of Gorion, his best friend is a girl named Imoen, and everyone seems to be out to get him for no apparent reason. And to make matters worse... His wings are gone! Markra's spirit has been stripped from his body and instead placed into the form of an elf! But before he can even begin to guess as to what the heck is going on, Gorion is murdered by the frightening swordsman Sarevok, and he's left with Imoen as his one companion.

If Markra's gonna have any hope of getting home, he's just going to have to carve his own path in the Sword Coast, and meeting many new friends (and enemies...and hamsters!) along the way. He's a multi-classed fighter/mage who's a mean shot with a bow and even meaner with a longsword. He's still not quite used to spellcasting in this universe, but as he (slowly) gains levels, he is starting to master the ever-important Magic Missile! His alignment is Neutral Good, and his stats are as following:

Str: 15
Sta: 14
Dex: 18
Int: 18
Wis: 9
Cha: 17

His charisma was a 16 until I found one of the tomes. *punches air triumphantly*

I try to keep my characters' stats similar to their actual personalities. Markra's not the hardiest man in the world, but his high dexterity helps to keep him from getting hit, and helps his accuracy with his bow. He's a clever young man, but he has a tendency to act very rash, often recklessly charging into situations with passion rather than thinking about it first. Despite this, many people follow him through his persuasive speeches, and *extremely* good looks. Not his fault both of his parents were drop-dead gorgeous.

Reaction to being a Bhaalspawn: He facepalms. He's not surprised. In his homeworld, he was already a darlith--a child of the god of darkness Krad--so nothing's really changed. He's more concerned with the fact that his beautiful white wings were replaced with a couple of pointy-ears. What a rip-off!

The picture was drawn by me in a Japanese art program called SAI. :)

Hope you enjoy~



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