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[BG:EE] The Patch Change Log Archives

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,266
edited February 2013 in The Road to v1.2
This thread is meant to be a spiritual successor to the now-discontinued List Of Things That Have Been Announced.

The change log for every patch the developers release for BG:EE—starting from v. 1.0.2008—will be featured within this thread for your reference and perusal. This will also assist in keeping track of features that have been implemented, and bugs that have been fixed.

As this is meant to be a quick reference tool, the thread will be closed and won't allow for discussion; hence, you may want to keep discussing new features, or posing related queries, in the aforelinked List Of Things That Have Been Announced.


Released: 22.02.2013

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed crash when entering NW Baldur's Gate
  • Force recruiting certain creatures no longer causes crash
  • Fixed crashes related to improper animations
  • Five new class kits: Dwarven Defender, Shadowdancer, Dragon Disciple, Dark Moon Monk and Sun Soul Monk
  • Item charges now displayed inside the inventory
  • Auto-pause enabled on map screen
  • Items appear over character portraits when used
  • Store items which the player can't afford are greyed out
  • Players able to raise each other at temples (Multiplayer)
  • Journal entries may now be edited
  • Notes may now be copied to the journal
  • Various minor UI fixes
Bug Fixes
  • Attacks per round fixed
  • Zoom no longer resets to default when transitioning areas
  • Instant move command after character selection functions properly
  • Item cost not appearing for certain system locales has been resolved
  • Issue with older Journal entries has been fixed
  • Defensive spin now functions properly
  • Initiating dialogue no longer forces player to leave store menu (Multiplayer)
  • Fixed issue with secret NPC not spawning
  • Secret NPC now changes party's reputation
  • Negative hit-points after familiar death bug fixed
  • Positional audio functioning properly
  • Multi-Class Thief abilities always available
  • Druid shape-shifting AC exploit no longer possible
  • Recharging items inside of bag exploit removed
  • Changed merchant interactions in The Black Pits
  • Unidentified items no longer have visual artifacts
  • Multiplayer Black Pits save to the correct location
  • Amnish Soldiers no longer murder each other
  • Better scroll wheel functionality
  • Neera's portrait issue fixed
  • Number of stacked items will no longer disappear when moved
  • Dwarf minimum dexterity and charisma changed
  • Off-hand weapon now properly displayed
  • Halberd damage type changed to Piercing or Slashing
  • Potion of Mind Focusing now shows the proper effects
  • Coran will no longer leave the party when his quest has been completed
  • Various improvments to Gullykin
  • All protection scrolls require an identify
  • Now able to enter Nashkel Mines if guards are murdered
  • Improved Mage and Cleric AI scripts
  • Certain spells no longer expire after saving/loading
  • Enter on the number pad advances dialogue
  • Najim no longer able to turn hostile (Black Pits)
  • Fixed Yeslick joining/leaving issues
  • Shop of Silence now accepts certain fenced goods
  • Nobles in Winthrop's tavern may now be robbed
  • The Stupefier +1 properly stuns opponent and has new animation
  • Wild surge no longer possible on expiring polymorph
  • Certain wild surge properly destroys gold on enemy
  • Davaeorn's voiced lines added
  • Chaotic Commands and Champions Strength require an intelligence of 9 or greater
  • Fixed Friendly Arm door graphic
  • No more wands with 0 charges
  • No longer able to add notes to Quick Items slot
  • Garrick may now be properly charmed
  • May now purchase drinks from Ulgoth's Beard Inn
  • Ranger kits begin with the correct stealth points
  • Familiar's attack icons added
  • Casting speed for Death Ward, Earthquake and Wraithform have been changed
  • Wiven encounter can no longer be missed
  • Ciril's overhead text more visible (Black Pits)
  • Character Generator biography bug has been fixed
  • Trap in Ice Cave now functions properly
  • Grease no longer turns summons hostile
  • Skie is now treated properly in her residence
  • Firebead's Beregost quest has been touched up
  • Various interactions with charmed characters improved
  • Interaction with Mulahey has been improved
  • Interaction with Narlen has been improved
  • Interaction with Mr.Colquetle has been improved
  • Interaction with Tranzig has been improved
  • Interaction with Louise and Laerta have been improved
  • Interaction with Be'land has been improved
  • Interaction with Jorin has been improved
  • Interaction with Kelddath has been improved
  • Interaction with Resar has been improved
  • Interaction with Silence has been improved
  • Interaction with Perdue has been improved
  • Interaction with Might Kahrk has been improved
  • Interaction with Raiken has been improved
  • Interaction with Farmer Brun has been improved
  • Interaction with Brevlik has been improved
  • Interaction with Jamie and Samantha has been improved
  • Interaction with Felonius Gist has been improved
  • Interaction with Ignot has been improved
  • Neera's romance will always be completable
  • Dorn and Neera's encounter always accessible
  • Poison no longer removes a mirror image but does damage
  • The Iron Thorn no longer usable by Wizard Slayers
  • Rasaad will defend Nashkel from enemies
  • Deafness removed after each round (Black Pits)
  • Night Club +1 correctly changes THAC0 at night
  • No longer able to freely loot SW Baldur's Gate General Store
  • Some armor no longer equipable in player's off-hand
  • Chesley Crusher now limits character's ApR
  • Bardolan will no longer attack Rasaad during a ruskus
  • Fixed ambient sounds in Beregost
  • Bolt of Lightning sound effect added
  • Adjusted the Thief 4 script
  • Gender now properly identified during character creation
  • E Baldur's Gate music has been corrected
  • Audio levels adjusted for coronation scene
  • Male5 audio levels have been adjusted
  • Edwin's voiced warning has been touched up
  • Jasper/Bassano voice set issues fixed
  • Tranzig's voiced lines have been readjusted
  • Correct music played in Sunin's residence
  • Remove Paralysis icon has been corrected
  • Fixed inaccessible containers in Durlag's Tower
  • Laurel will help fight the gibberling horde
  • Knott will no longer leave his tent
  • Flind and Gnolls will react to looting
  • Certain bodies will not dissappear
  • Ring of Fire control now functions properly
  • The Ossifier's colour has been fixed
  • Fixed bug with Sorrem not allowing Rasaad's quest to be completed
  • Error in Rasaad's dialogue has been corrected
  • Guards in Candlekeep may always be bribed
  • Magic resistance icons added to proper characters
  • Sparring Dummies are not longer hostile
  • Certain magical items need to be identified
  • Bats now take up less space
  • Wild surge gender swap improved
  • Yago will no longer leave his room
  • Wand of cloudkill no longer bypasses magical resistance
  • Incorrect proficiencies in tutorial have been fixed
  • Reputation requirement lowered for interaction with Bellamy
  • Race changed for certain NPCs
  • Fixed issue with Dorn's dialogue
  • Hide Armor and Elven Chain Mail now have HiS penalty
  • All of Bassilus's allies will perish
  • Most Ogre Magi now wield katanas
  • Fixed issue with Cleric/Thief Multi-Class
  • Proper weapon break sound effect added
  • Kossled removed after player reaches Friendly Arm Inn
  • Lore and price added to Ossifier and Gold Digger
  • Thieves' Guild will only ask for the password once
  • Black Liily's attack script added
  • Hobgoblin in Fisherman's Lake now initiates dialogue and may give XP
  • Added run scripts to some innocents around Baldur's Gate
  • New icons for Mysterious Liquid and Marek's Potion
  • Dialogue bar no longer resets size after reformation of party
  • Tweaks to spell animations
  • Added page number to Help screen
  • Fixed icon for North-east Baldur's Gate
  • Added missing fish animations
  • Quest/Journal log fixes
  • Various usability modifications
  • Various item descriptions/images have been fixed

v1.0.2012 (Update #6)

[SPOILER]Crash Fixes
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Fixed Black Pits sword crash
  • Fixed crash when manipulating portrait files
  • Damage notifications change colour depending on type of damage done
  • Option to turn off coloured player circles (enables original green circles)
  • Added roll total to ability screen when creating a new character
  • Elven Chain Mail now obtainable
  • Yeslick may rejoin the party in Jopalin's Tavern
  • Black Lily purchases stolen goods
  • UI improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved random respawns occurring too often
  • Stat modifications for unidentified items now appear
  • Issue with Baeloth not returning solved (Black Pits)
  • Bounty Hunter class gains proper skill points
  • Eldoth and Skie removing and joining problem solved
  • Fixed issue with certain spell portrait icons not being removed
  • Officer Vai will only purchase bandit scalps
  • Scroll case capacity increased
  • Improved chatbar (Multiplayer)
  • Issue with gender dialogue is now proper
  • Nashkel movie will play instantly
  • Fixed Yeslick infinite dialogue loop
  • Selling infinite wolf pelt to Nashkel store glitch removed
  • Lothander and Marek's antidote will never vanish
  • Drizzt doesn't run away from gnoll battle
  • Shapeshifted spider no longer held in webs
  • Player will no longer have guards summoned when near previously opened containers
  • Archers and Druids may now equip Ankheg Plate Mail
  • Characters speak to the player more quickly in tutorial
  • Characters respond appropriately during Obe's Combat tutorial
  • Charmed NPCs will give the player their promised gifts
  • Lightmap for Kagain's shop has been updated
  • Cat familiar now has an attack
  • Imp familiar polymorphing to orge and back works
  • Wand of Polymorphing's range has been increased
  • Improved Aldeth's Merchant League quest
  • Simmeon now gives XP
  • Some weapons not flagged as magical now are
  • Casson's body quest has been touched up
  • Resolved issue with Kivan leaving the party
  • Characters with strength less than 5 are now able to complete the tutorial
  • Monks now able to complete the tutorial
  • Music restored to the Friendly Arm Inn
  • Commoners in Beregost and Nashkel say proper lines after Chapter 2
  • Spider body will not disappear (Landrin's quest)
  • Missing Citizens quest has been polished
  • Issues with Elkart's ransom money have been resolved
  • Tersus will turn hostile if robbed
  • Tiax now properly summons Ghasts
  • Tiber will take his brother's body
  • Quiver/Case of Plenty now give proper damage bonus
  • History of the Nether Scrolls no longer sellable
  • Issue with Ring of Free Action not properly effecting mobility
  • Emerson no longer constantly updates player's journal
  • Imoen responds correctly to changes in reputation
  • Fixed sound sets of Tessilan, Faltis and Glayde
  • Removed intelligence limit on certain miscellaneous items
  • Sorcerous Sundries accessible without force selling of nymph hair
  • Added an auto-save right before the opening cutscene (Black Pits)
  • Correct rest movie is played in Adoy's Enclave
  • Adoy's area is now correctly placed/coloured on map
  • Ambient noises can now be heard in Adoy's Enclave
  • Farmer Brun no longer takes more than one item
  • Euric no longer takes more than one item
  • Contagion spell now casts properly
  • Fixed Branwen refusing to join party when declined at first
  • Issue with drinkable quest items has been resolved
  • Wizard Slayer and Beastmaster class have more weapon restrictions
  • Amnish Soldiers guarding Nashkel Mine have been modified
  • Gandolar voiced lines added/improved interaction
  • Delsvirftanyon voiced lines added
  • Interaction with Drunk has been improved
  • Interaction with Bellamy has been improved
  • Interaction with Kerrachus has been improved
  • Interaction with Phandalyn has been improved
  • Interaction with Zecke has been improved
  • Interaction with Grael has been improved
  • Interaction with Pang Wallen has been improved
  • Interaction with Kirinhale has been improved
  • Problem with Scar's character model dissapearing fixed
  • Increased text size of weight allowed in inventory
  • Dorn's starting XP and HP have been increased
  • Fixed exploit allowing Dorn to receive THAC0 bonus
  • Only Dorn may receive THAC0 bonus from Rancor +1
  • Fixed exploit with Single-Weapon Style
  • Looping dialogue with Neera after Meklin encounter fixed
  • Spawning issue with Neera's initial encounter
  • World's Edge now glows
  • Characters in Obey's tutorial no longer have BG1 proficiency distributions
  • Longbow +2 and Composite Longbow +2 now give proper damage
  • All slings not usable by Kensai and Cavalier
  • Balanced certain pre-generated character's proficiency distribution
  • Fixed issue with some items not needing to be identified
  • Monks and Kensai are no longer able to equip shields
  • Prism and Greywolf's voiced lines added
  • Chaos Shield now has description when cast
  • Ring of Acuity/Captive Audience no longer equip-able by Monk
  • Treacle's gender no longer in question (Black Pits)
  • Travelling to other areas in Archaeological Site touched up
  • Fixed Enchanted Weapon Enchantment/Charm
  • Fixed issue with certain items playing the incorrect sound
  • The Vampires Revenge now has the correct effects
  • Tenya dialogue issues have been corrected
  • Bassilus's voiced line now plays
  • Issue with certain classes wearing armor (Tutorial)
  • Various item descriptions/images have been fixed
  • Various container and door highlights have been readjusted
  • Quest/Journal log fixes

v.1.0.2011 (Update #5)

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed crash when changing areas
  • Fixed crash when clicking outside of the map
  • New movie for resting in dungeon and inn
  • Adjusted introduction video due to customer feedback and Coriander's threats of violence (You may have thought that complaining about the Nietzsche quote was pointless...)
  • Various UI screens touched up
Bug Fixes
  • Thieves and bards XP cap has been modified
  • Monks and clerics XP cap has been modified (Black Pits)
  • Quest/Journal log fixes
  • Damage Modifier display has been retooled
  • Taerom no longer drops Ankheg Shells
  • Fixed issues with Dorn's dialogue and alignment
  • Fixed issues with Neera's dialogue
  • Neera's encounter with Edwin has been touched up
  • Minsc joining issues have been resolved
  • Switching to default soundset works
  • Quasit Familiar can now cast blur
  • Trolls in Cloud Peaks now give XP
  • Kryll's skeletons now give XP
  • Wild Surge text has been corrected
  • Auto-save date and time error resolved
  • Delainy/Durlyle flower quest has been fixed
  • Some items now show the proper ground icons
  • Silke responds correctly to player's actions
  • Red Sheaf Inn displays the proper rumors
  • Gnoll duel works correctly
  • Summoning Flame Blades no longer causes a penalty
  • Killing Dorn before his encounter has been fixed
  • The Great Gazib will no longer spawn more than one orge
  • Algernon and Nimbul's dialogue issues fixed
  • Reevor's quest can always be completed
  • Jospeh's Ring quest is now completable
  • Certain area lightmaps have been updated
  • No reputation loss when fighting certain characters
  • Detect Evil's description has been corrected
  • Creatures decreased in South Beregost Road's cave
  • Tutorial items no longer sellable when exported to main game
  • Shandalar's Cloak no longer equip-able by monks
  • Certain quest items can no longer be pick-pocketed
  • Interaction with Shaella has been improved
  • Phlydia speaks the proper lines after her quest
  • Marl will approach player even after resting
  • Coran takes player's NPC Reaction into account and join level modified
  • Cursed Ring of Slight Monsterism now changes character's appearance to zombie
  • Nadarin's quest now pays the corrects amount of gold

v.1.0.2010 (Update #4)

  • Improved Creature spawn system
  • Large multiplayer bugfix
  • Journal entry fix
  • Fixed for zoomed out and click out of bounds crash
  • Custom portrait in multiplayer game fix
  • Numerous UI fixes
  • Farsight scroll fix
  • Obe combat tutorial fix

v.1.0.2009b (Update #3)

  • A series of memory leaks have been fixed.
  • Speed improvements for some Intel Integrated Graphics chipsets.
  • Fixed a crash when customizing a character.
  • Fixed a crash when using a quick slot.
  • Dorn and Neera no longer remain invincible in certain circumstances.
  • XP is now given for slaying Ice Trolls in The Cloud Peaks.
  • A variety of typos have been found and fixed.
  • Rasaad's quest no longer contains accidental spoilers.
  • The Stupefier +1 now shows the proper icon.

v.1.0.2009a (Update #2)

[SPOILER]Crash Fixes:
  • Multiplayer connecting to non-host bug fixed
  • Fixed Right click map crash bug
  • Crash reporting has been improved
  • Fixed crash for OpenGL drivers that don't support compression
Text/Localization Fixes:
  • Fixed Neera dialogue problem with Edwin in party
  • Fixed Rasaad dialog loop
  • Updates to English, French, German text
  • Fixed Dorn looping dialogue problem
  • Fixed Neera and Rasaad item descriptions
  • Bastard sword strength requirement description updated to 11
  • Help tooltip says 'Help' instead of 'Rest'
  • Fix for Half-Orc Biography
Added or Improved/Fixed Features:
  • Version # now displays on main screen
  • Added support for 'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate'
  • Fixed function key assignment issues
  • Added autosave for Start of Black Pits
  • Added toggle for hardware mouse cursor
  • Improved Mouse Wheel support
  • Min/max damage correctly displays strength modification
General Fixes:
  • Dorn stuck in Kryll cutscene fixed
  • Fixed Dorn movement on early Kryll letter retrieval
  • Fixes Gallus in the Black pits proficiency selection
  • Disabled stairs in tutorial until Belt tells you to use them
  • Lothander / Rasaad bug fixed
  • Flaming Fist reputation loss bug fixed
  • Neera plot Thayan bodyguard XP fixed
  • Fixed party members attacking each other bug
  • Tranzig not using spells fixed
  • Fixed Neera is busy and won't rejoin party bug

v.1.0.2008 (Update #1)

[SPOILER]New patch with fixes for unicode characters in paths, mouse cursors not showing up, crash reporting.[/SPOILER]

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