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[(BG1) BUG] Albert and Rufie reward failure

BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
edited August 2012 in Fixed
Albert & Rufie, AR5300, x=1355, y=968

At the end of the "Albert and his dog" quest when Rufie is returned to Albert, the chew-toy is removed from inventory and Albert tells the party, "Here, take this. It's another of his chew things, but we can get more where we're going. Thanks again." Yet there is no reward given to inventory. In vBG1 (TotSC) it's also a broken award, as nothing is given. The mod Unfinished Business describes the issue this way:
Different versions of the game and Baldurdash all affected this sequence in the game differently. The original release of the game gave the player a Horn Coral gem. Baldurdash changed it to a bandit scalp. TOTSC broke the dialogue completely. This component should hopefully standardize the reward across the various versions of the game.
I think the UB1 award was a black opal.

An appropriate reward should be given that matches the description of being a chewtoy for a demon dog from the 9 Hells... Maybe a +1 Spear (SPER02) or a +1 Quarterstaff (STAF02) since magic items are supposed to be unbreakable- good for a demon dog's chomp. I'd have said a +1 Club, but there isn't one in BG1 apparently.

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