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Saved games, major problem (iPad)

kellkell Member Posts: 2
edited December 2012 in iPad (Archive)
I had only played long enough to get to the Friendly Arms in (have not gone in) so I am not far along. However, I went to play some more today and there are now only 3 save slots. Only 1 has my correct character, but this is when he had not left
Candle keep yet. The other save is with a full party somewhere else. The only person I had in my party before was Imoen. I am fine with starting over, but I am concerned about losing my saves again. Anyone else ave this problem? Is this a known problem?


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,438
    This belongs in the Support/iPad forum. I'll move it there now.

  • kellkell Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for moving this to the appropriate area!

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Aosaw thanks for the move.

    This is NOT a known bug. There have been corrupted save reports, mostly dealing with black pits, but this one is new.

    Adding a bug to the Known bug Thread at the top (stickied).

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Couple questions to fill out the details of this bug report.

    1) You say you now only have 3 save slots. Do you mean that you had several more than 3 games saved and now you only have 3 games saved, or has the software now limited you to ONLY 3 saves...slots for saves 4+ don't show?

    2) You, I assume, have tried dragging/scrolling up the save slot list right? (click and drag your finger up and down like scrolling a web page) It's not just "the saves are off the bottom of the screen" it's actual missing saves?

    3) You suggest that "the other save is with a full party somewhere else", have you played this game before? Have you made a save, perhaps on another character or playthrough, with a full party or did this just randomly appear in the saved games area without you ever having had a full party in the game?

    4) The corruption/loss you're experiencing, were these with forced saves or quick save/auto-save that the game does? There are known to be some issues with Qucksave/Autosave slots, but we've had no reports on this forum of the other slots having any kind of major corruption issues.

    Please give us more details so the Devs can look into the issue. Also, could you include the version of the iPad you're playing on?

  • kellkell Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    1) I believe I only had 3 save slots used. That is all that there is now. The 1st was a Quicksave in Prologue. 2nd Autosave. 3rd Quicksave. I do not remember point at which the 2nd 2 were at...however one was a save with Imoen in the party at night and we just killed the assassin person on the steps of the Friendly Arms in a couple of days ago. I then save and logged out.

    When I went to log in today there were 3 slots still utilized. The 1st was the PRologue with the Character I made. The 2nd slot (Autosave) was party of six at 18 hours which did not include my character and had MInsc, JAheira, Xan etc levels ranging from 6-8 with staffs and nothing in inventory. The 3rd slot was 0 hours in and had someone else's character named Abdel and also had XAn in the Party.

    2) As explained above, just 3 slots and lost saves with other characters/parties replacing them.

    3) Yes I have played the game before, but many years ago and on the PC with no attempt to import ( if possible).

    I am on the iPad MC775LL. 6.0.1

  • D3V11_D3V11_ Member Posts: 67
    can you download iFunBox (I assume you have a PC or mac) and from iFunBox go to your iPad device and navigate to Baldur's Gate -> Library -> Save check there if there actually gone or if the game is not recognizing them? perhaps the saves got corrupted somehow? (is this possible??)

    if there are more than three saves there and you have a PC or Mac version of BGEE, try moving your saves to a PC or Mac version of BGEE, here is a link how to move saved games to and from the iPad:

    pleas reply with what you find.

  • SarthosSarthos Member Posts: 31
    Just want to mention that both the Quick Save and Auto Save overwrite the same respective slots each time. A manual save can be given a unique name and will not overwrite unless you tell it to. You can have any number of manual saves.

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