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Request: Tutorial video to making a custom kit

NiklasWBNiklasWB Member Posts: 15
Hello all of you talented modders out there!

I've been a long time player of Baldur's Gate II, and I especially love the kit-aspect of the game. I've always wanted to create my own kits for various classes however, but I've never been able to get into modding, because frankly it seems daunting for the uninitiated newbie that I am. I've modded games such as Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, KotOR, Dragon Age:Origins and Dragon Age 2, but those all seemed very simple compared to the Infinity engine-games.

However, now that the kit-system has been added to BG:EE I would really love to create my own kit for the game. The problem is I have no idea where to start, and while I have read some of the old threads about modding Baldur's Gate: SoA, I still feel very much lost.

So I was hoping that someone could find it in their heart to create a tutorial video on how to create a kit for Baldur's Gate: EE and post it on youtube. A simple video showing how you make a custom fighter kit would be amazing, and would give those of us who aren't as mod-savvy as the rest of you a chance to start playing around with kit concepts and actually implement them into the game.

A step-by-step video about what programs you need, which files you need to edit and where to find them, as well how you catually go about creating the mod would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider this, I know alot of people would welcome it with open arms.



  • IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
    I assume you have read through this?

    If not, I would do so.

  • NiklasWBNiklasWB Member Posts: 15
    Yes, I have indeed read through that. And while I am sure it is very helpful for those more skilled at modding, I still feel very much lost after reading it all. That is why i would like to see a video, so that you can follow the various steps as they are taken.

  • neoespritneoesprit Member Posts: 196
    There's no video that I'm aware of... Everything I've learned about moding kits back then was from different guides at Gibberling 3 and spellhold studio... It takes some time and trial to comprehend fully and the best way to learn is try step by step.

    Start with modifying a kit description or abilities and see if its help you =)

  • NiklasWBNiklasWB Member Posts: 15
    I'll see if I get some time over christmas break... But am I correct in that you basically only need to download WeiDU to start creating mods?

  • DazzuDazzu Member Posts: 924
    Why specifically to modding kits? Tutorials on modding PERIOD! It's not easy to get into.

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
    Not sure if previous post liked because of good sense of humor
    or really is a squeaky-voiced troll

  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 937
    are the hardcoded limitations still true? I believe now sorcerers CAN get a kit :D

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    SOME of the hardcoded limitations are still true, but they've externalized the kits for monks and sorcerers, as well as a few other little tidbits, which has actually been quite nice. They've only externalized for EE though

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,463
    edited September 2014
    I'm not gonna make a video, but dude (OP) don't reinvent the wheel; adapt someone else's work. Modding for the most part is just about manipulating a text file. So take someone else's text file and change things to make your own kit.

    Can you use Near Iinfinity or DLTCEP to mess with .2da and .spl files? If not, go learn that first, it is pretty essential to modding. If you can already do that stuff then:
    1) Download my Scales of Balance mod.
    - Change the name of the 'SoB' folder to your own, something like 'niklaswbkits'.
    - Rename 'setup-sob.exe' to 'setup-niklaswbkits.exe'.
    - Inside the niklaswbkits folder, rename 'SoB.tp2' to 'niklaswbkits.tp2'.
    - Still inside the niklaswbkits folder, delete all subfolders except 'thief' and 'bard'

    2) Open niklaswbkits.tp2 in a good text editor. I like Textwrangler on OS X and CONtext on Windows (both are free).
    - Change the first two lines: 'backup' to niklaswbkitsbackup, and 'author' to niklaswb.
    - ctrl-F to find the word 'sharpshooter.' You will see a line that says something like 'BEGIN ~add Sharpshooter kit~'. Delete everything above this line, except those two first 'backup' and 'author' lines you edited. 'BEGIN ~add sharpshooter~' should now be the third line of text in the whole document.

    3) After the sharpshooter there is a section on bards. Delete the beginning of this section, everything up to the line 'BEGIN ~add Chorister~' (or it might be Loresinger. Either one.)
    - After the chorister/loresinger there is a section for either NPCs or stat tweaks. Delete this section(s) and anything after it.

    4) Voila: you now have a mod that has four components ('BEGIN ~' lines) and adds two kits to the game, one thief and one non-thief. (It's useful to see both because thieves are a bit different, as @CrevsDaak‌'a tutorial explains and as you can see from my EE kits.).
    - Some of the kit abilities may not work, if they were in folders you deleted... but just make up some of your own! (This is where experience with NI/DLTCEP comes in.)
    - Now just adapt things to how you like. Everything from here on out is explained in @CamDawg‌'s and @CrevsDaak‌ tutorials. The bard kit can be adapted to any other class (except mages and barbarians, for which you cannot add mod kits). Obviously anywhere there is a reference to '/SoB/[file]' you will change it to '/niklaswbkits/[file]. Etc.

    5) PLEASE remember to change the names of any files, spells, kit names, etc. PLEASE change the 'D5' prefix in any/every file you use before releasing anything on the internet. If you're going to publish a mod you should reserve your own prefix over at

    Post edited by subtledoctor on
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