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Movies format info

roxioroxio Member Posts: 9
edited December 2012 in General Modding
Sooo I've read some posts like "I want to create my own cinematic...bla bla bla" answer is simple - U must convert it to WBM file, so let think wtf is this WBM format?!?! browser suggests - this is WirelesBitmap - lol!. Monochrome static compressor? NO!


1. so, just change extension ex. deathand.wbm -> deathand.webm . Now your player can playback it (it needs V_VP8 video codecs - this is matroska + vorbis audio. - nothing special).
2. To convert use Free WeBM Converter 5.xxxx - it's really free, its simply, fast and it's big motherfucker who can convert to FullHD WBM.
3. After conversion simply change extension from webm -> wbm
4. Copy cinematics to:
x:\yourGames\00766\movies\ -to override all lang packs or to:
x:\yourGames\00766\lang\XX_xx\movies -for specyfic language
5. Enjoy Your own cinematics.

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