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Ipad or hold out for mac realease

What the feedback on the ipad release? Is it worth holding out for the mac release or just bite the bullet and go with the ipad release?


  • VirrenVirren Member Posts: 14
    There are a few display and interface bugs in the iPad version. The interface controls - simple for iPad - but don't allow the same level as control experienced in the original BG series. There are some minor game bugs. I haven't researched if these are specific to iPad. They haven't interfered with any of my games. I have managed to work around them.

    On the whole the game has the same look and feel. Mind you I haven't purchased the new BGEE PC version

    I did bite the bullet - it was only $10 bucks. And I will probably bite it again when the Mac version arrives.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    *shrug* it's up to you.

    Me? If I thought I'd play this on my main PC, I'd buy it for both. As it is, I just don't see myself sitting down for a session on BG:EE with MWO and all the rest of the games over the years I've missed while gorging on MMO's (Witcher, Batman, Assassin's Creede, etc.)

    For me, this is an "on the road" kind of game and it plays well as that.

    My opinion to you would be "both". That said, there definately are problems with the iPad version (nothing that will stop you from playing the game or completing the game, but minor annoyances that are getting touted as making the game "unplayable" which is certainly wrong).

    If you don't have a tolerance for minor issues and problems (see the known bugs / issues thread), save yourself the heartache and frustration and Beamdog the ill will, and wait for the MAC version which should come out at least more bug free than the PC version did (it WILL have it's own problems, but at least some of what's made the game problematic on the PC and iPad will be fixed by then).

    If you don't mind a few problems and want the portability, the MAC version isn't going to give it to for the iPad and then buy for the MAC when it comes out...the saved games, at least, are transferable so there's very little reason NOT to do so.

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