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Video Issue (inverted menu x play area)

Hi there folks,

I installed the game neatly and it ran alright until I finished creating the character. When game play starts, I see the world within the area where the menus and dialog box should be, and the usual 'world area' is just a black square. I click in that black area and I see the character move on the area where I should see the menus. If I click there, instead of moving the character, I am clicking the menu buttons. When I see inventory, map and all other screens, those work just fine. Full screen x windowed screen makes no difference. I also see the subtitles when I go into the Black Pit, and some parts of the right-side menu.

Anyone else having the same problem? Can anyone help me with this?

I have an ATI Radeon X1200 video card on a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop (resolution 1366x768).


  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    edited December 2012
    Already tried to install the latest video drivers and/or uninstall and reinstall BG:EE?

    For the video drivers installation I always suggest to:

    1- do a complete uninstall of the previous drivers;

    2- restart pc;

    3- clean every registry file/dll and such with a dedicate program; [Spoiler]if anyone is interested send me a PM, I will give the name of the program I always use, I don't want to spam here[/Spoiler]
    4- restart pc;

    5- Install latest drivers;

    6. restart pc.

  • iturrietaiturrieta Member Posts: 1
    Yes, have done that, no luck. I can run it on an older laptop, on XP, it runs slowly but with no such issue. I'll keep looking, if I find something I'll post it here. Thanks for the reply.

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