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[Bug] - Neera loses 1 spell usage if spell selected/deselected while paused

LazarusNineLazarusNine Member Posts: 44
edited January 2013 in iPad (Archive)
I am reposting this issue as a dedicated thread, so all discussions regarding this problem can occur here rather than on the 'Known Bugs and Issues with BG:EE iPad' thread.

Issue: Neera loses spell use by factor of 1 if spell selected and deselected (while paused)

iPad 4 (iOS 6) - or all

Let's say Neera has 3 usable spells. If I select a spell to use and then change my mind and decide to move Neera instead or select a different spell/fighting stance, I lose one spell use (down to 2) even if the spell is never activated and the cast spell command superseded whilst still on the same move. This does not happen with any of the other characters. If I want to change the spell to be cast or make another command, they retain the same number of spell uses as before making the initial spell selection.

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