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IWD2 custom portraits

GilgalahadGilgalahad Member Posts: 237
Thought i'd ask here if anyone knows sites for this. Most sites i've found or was referenced to for iwd2 compatible portraits either no longer exist or the pics are not very good. I did find BG2 pics for IWD2 but not BG1 pics as there's a few i like from bg1. Also found some custom pics on the...i think it was called "Chosen of Mystra" site but none are the proper size for iwd2 and i can't enlarge them to match iwd2 requirements without the pics looking blurry(original pics are 110x170 for the large and 38x60 for smalls. I managed to change the small ones to IWD2's format of 42x42 without losing too much quality but coverting the large ones to 210x330 gets too blurry. I'd be grateful for any assist.


  • valkyvalky Member Posts: 386
    What yer using to resize them?
    With some fine-tuning photoshop should do some decent results *whistle* but GIMP as well - for a freeware program.
    Else your typical program (like paint/irfanview and alike) just interpolates the newly created pixels without giving a damn.
    Or you check usually most of the pics are there as well..and in a higher resolution.

    [if all fails, send me the pics and I can check in PS if I can get better results...but doubling the size usually is tricky, if the source is already that low]

  • GilgalahadGilgalahad Member Posts: 237
    edited December 2012
    Brilliant mate. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have photoshop and i was indeed trying to use MSpaint *gags* which i knew was trash. I d-loaded gimp and will give it a shot later today. I'll need to read up on gimp as it's being more stubborn than i am. It keeps cropping the image to 213x330 even though i set it to 210x330. I'll figure it out :-).

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  • valkyvalky Member Posts: 386
    You could use the cropping tool to get rid of the 3 pixel then. Dunno if there was a specific menu option but at least there should be the tool. Quite some time ago since I used GIMP.

  • GilgalahadGilgalahad Member Posts: 237
    edited January 2013
    I did use the cropping and i confirmed it when i looked over the step by step manual and it still defaults to 213x330 for some reason. I signed up on their forums and made inquiries there as i may be missing some small detail. Still and all, i like using it as it's very user friendly.

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