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Create a Custom Party

In case any of you were wondering if you could create a custom party for BG:EE on the iPad like you could in Icewind Dale, the answer is 'yes'. Here's how:
Note: It may look complicated but it's not. I'm just trying to be thorough. ;)
1. Start a Multiplayer game.
2. Pre-create each character. I do this because I take a long time to create mine trying to get them just right. So, I work on them one at a time.
3. Create Game... just fill in the required fields with whatever you like, you won't be using them.
4. Load each character you created into a spot. The one in the first position will be the protagonist so if you plan to use Find Familiar, that character would go there.
5. Click the checkmark beside each character you want to use (in my case, all 6) and click Start Game.
6. When you get to Candlekeep, save your game to a name you will recognize.
7. Close Baldur's Gate.
8. Run iFunBox and plug your iPad into your PC.
9. Go to the Classic tab and open User Applications, Baldur's Gate, and then open the Library folder.
10. Locate the MPSave and the Save folders. Open the MPSave folder, locate the folder that begins with the name you gave in step 6, and drag it to the Save folder. This will copy the save from the multiplayer to the single player.
11. Safely eject your iPad.
12. Run Baldur's Gate.
13. Go to Single Player and Load. It will probably be at the top of your save list if you have a lot of single player saves, so just scroll around and look for it.



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