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[BUG] Sewer Quest from Scar - not recognized as solved

JoheJohe Member Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in Fixed
Actual behaviour: I got the quest for investigating the sewer murders for Scar, and talked to him again once more before solving the quest when he said that I should hurry on with solving the quest. Then I solved the quest by killing the Ogre Mage and his minions, also took the Ruby Ring with me, and returned to Scar in the Flaming Fist building to turn in the quest. He then proceeds with saying that he will send some of his guards to check out the problem instead, as if the quest had not been solved, and moves along with the main story/quest without any gold rewards or XP given.

Suggested behaviour: He should acknowledge the quest as done, and give the reward before moving along with the main story/quest.

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