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[Mod Request(or Help Needed)] - Editing a specific character sprite

MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
edited December 2012 in General Modding
Hello everyone :]

I have a request for whoever was going to make something like this, or if no one can do it( since it might be quite a bit of work), i would like some info on how to do it myself(tools needed etc).

This is similar to stuff happening in the 1pp mod and some avatar changes, but i am not sure if it's possible.

For the purpose of showing you what i mean, i will use the images of the human male fighter and cleric avatars with plate armor only, since this is what i'm talking about.

Alright, left is the human male fighter sprite, right is the cleric one.


So, the thing i want to change is preferably to the fighter sprite, since it might be easier. Notice the boots and shoes area, the cleric sprite(on the right) seems more fitted to the body, which i like, so i want to keep the cleric sprite boot area, with the shoes colored as the armor if possible. If you notice the pictures, the boots of the fighter seem a bit off compared to the cleric ones, so i want to make them match.

Notice now the shoulderguards area, the fighter(on the left) has more bulky shoulderpads, which is what i like better, compared to the cleric one.

To my understanding, it could be easier to take the fighter sprite as it is, and just make changes so that the boots and shoes area matches the cleric sprite. This is because i imagine, that the fighter sprite is bulkier in general, and it only needs the boots altered.

The 1pp mod of @Erephine, although awesome, did not touch the subject of human males with plate armor, where i think the human male fighter is a bit off in the boots. Erephine did something similar with the fighter/cleric human male with leather, the boots were bulkier and she made them less so.

So concluding, i would preferably like to alter the fighter male avatar with plate armor, so that the boots are not bulky and out of proportion, making it like the cleric avatar's ones(but keeping the shoe color the same as the armor).

I think the boots need to be cropped here and there to that, and maybe the shoes becoming a bit smaller.

So, dear modders, is there anyone that was actually thinking of doing something like this? Maybe we could see something like it in a 1pp update?

Basically this(the fighter boot area): image

Becoming like this(the cleric boot area) : image

For the human male fighter with plate. And without altering the shoe color, leaving it as the armor color.

If it's not possible for anyone, could you help a bit on how to do this myself? It might look like a mountain now, but i'll sit and do it eventually if i need to :]

Thank you for reading ^.^

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