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Game purchased as gift and not received.

TyeCTyeC Member Posts: 2
First of all I would just like to state that I am not trolling. All I would like is for my gift to be sent to the person that it is intended. All I would like is assistance and advise, there is no need to call me an idiot as I know that it was me that made the mistake initially. Let me explain...

On Christmas eve I sent a gift of BG:EE to a friend. Like an idiot I used instead of .com in her email address. I realised my error and tried to view my gifted games only to receive the error message 'Error 500 - the end of the world...'. I try again later and then again before contacting support to explain what happened. I got a response on Christmas day which I was pleased and surprised at, unfortunately they changed my email address instead of who the gift was for and ignored the part about the game not being received. I had do log in with my 'wrong' email address to reply. As of today I have still not received a response and my friend has not received her game.

How long do you think I should wait for a response? As a big fan of BG I want this game and the company to be a success unfortunately my experience has not been exactly positive as of yet.


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