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No sound!

Hi, i just bought my ipad and immediately bought this app. I am a fan. But the game has no sound at all. I've tried the basic things like going to options on the app and put up the volume bars, as well evrything seems right with the ipad as other apps do sound well. What can I do? How can i ask for refund in the case this cant be fixed. Thanks


  • PillbugPillbug Member Posts: 4
    Try going into settings and making sure your "Use Side Switch" is set to "Mute" and not "Lock Rotation". Then move the side switch to the un-mute position.

    Yes, it's dorky, but dh's iPad 2 had perfect sound (while using switch in Lock Rotation mode) and mine did not. After trying every other flavor of turning it off and back on again, that did the trick. (And yes, all my other sound had worked just fine since I had changed to the Lock Rotation mode several months before.)

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Sound is a bit goofy on the iPad (not just this game).

    I've had several times where I've set the mute on my iPad only to have an application override or ignore the setting and play the sound.

    The most likely cause of your sound issue is, indeed, what Pillbug mentions. Go into your settings, change your side switch from/to mute from/to lock rotation (either switch from mute to lock rotation and back or just from lock rotation to mute) and then mute/unmute the sound with the switch (make sure you click up/down the sound level toggle as well so that you can guarantee the sound is properly set) and I bet you get sound on BG.

  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    I had this problem once because I accidentally started playing music over the app, and when I switched it off it cut all the sound out on BG. To fix it I had to close out of the app and then bring up the History by double-clicking the home button and closing the application there. That fixed it for some reason.

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