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[(BG1, BGEE) BUG] Few more minor script bugs

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
edited August 2012 in Fixed
I've got NearInfinity working, so I'm following up with some of its automated debugging tools.

Minor script fixes
  • A handful of creatures need to have DVs matching their creature file names-- Sorrel (sorrel.cre), Addy (addy.cre), Kaella (kaella.cre), Caedmon (caedmo.cre), Jonavin (jonavi.cre), Brennan Risling (brenna.cre), slave (slavfree.cre), Parda (parda1.cre), Karan (karan1.cre), Dillar (dillar.cre)
  • ar0500 references Exists("ike2") which should be just ike.
  • One of the Durlag Tower area scripts (ar0512.bcs) has references to triggers firedrake[1-7]a, which should just be without the trailing a. There's also no firedrake7, which is a slightly bigger issue.
  • In the Gorion death cutscene (ch1cut02.bcs) one of the ogre gets ActionOverride("Ogre",ChangeAIScript("None",RACE)) to blank one of its scripts. It should ActionOverride("Ogre",ChangeAIScript("",RACE))--the former would have picked up none.bcs, should it exist.
  • Charleston Nib tries to open a non-existent door in digcut01.bcs - ActionOverride("Charleston",OpenDoor("Digdoor"))
Off to work, will continue this evening.

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