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Can't get multiplayer to work on Ipad

amarkenamarken Member Posts: 2
Me and my brother are trying to play a multiplayer session on our Ipads, but it seems impossible to get it to work. We simply can't find each other when we've entered our IP-adress.

None of us have any firewalls open, and we are both using Airport express.

Any suggestions on what to do?


  • majinsnakemajinsnake Member Posts: 113
    Then do you have some sort of router that requires ports?

    I dont know what airport express is.

  • KodrakKodrak Member Posts: 42
    @amarken you will need to be patient a bit for the multiplayer to work at all.. We on PC are still waiting on updates to come to provide with stable multiplayer as of now it's pretty unstable and others aren't even able to play multiplayer.
    I would guess that your problem might be with your local area network not allowing baldur's gate port for multiplayer. You would have to play in the settings of your Modem/Router to open some specific ports on your's and your brother's ipad.

    As for the Airport express quick research of mine, it has prolly nothing to do with playing on multiplayer.. Check with your modem/router and open ports for your Ipad and then you can probably host the game and let yuor brother connect to you using the IP assign with the modem/router you have.

    Hope it help and Good luck.

  • amarkenamarken Member Posts: 2
    Hmm, I really don't know how I can open ports on my modem. Guess I'll have to be patient. Thanks for your help though!

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