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Background Music for PnP

WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
So I will be DMing a 3.5e for my three friends next weekend. Catching up on the old books and re-reading certain pages, I came across the paragraph where it suggests using background music to immerse them within the session. This is where you come in fellow BG players, I'm looking for good background music that'll fit the mood for the current situation; combat, forest ambiance, dungeon crawling, tavern, etc. Anything that's similar to what I have now would be appreciated (hoping to link the Youtube playlists correctly). Looking for anything that isn't strong on the lyrics, and anything that doesn't resemble sci-fy like (Mass Effect, Star Wars, etc.) would be wonderful.

Forest Ambiance:





More info for those that need more advice:
The party consists of a half-orc barbarian, a halfling rogue, and the other will roll today. The campaign is in Forogotten Realms and I'm basically using the NWN story since none of them have played it before. City ambiance (without music please) would obiviously be the biggest help for me.

Thank you all for your time!!


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