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Adding 'scroll bag' to iPad prior to update (and other console items) via PC version

LazarusNineLazarusNine Member Posts: 44
edited January 2013 in iPad (Archive)
This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I thought I would just add that I was able to successfully acquire the scroll bag from Firebead in Beregost by porting my iPad save over to the PC version of BG:EE (the scroll bag is currently not a quest reward in iPad version 1.0.2009, but it is on the latest PC update). I saved right before entering Firebead's house, copied the save over, completed the quest and then copied the save back to the iPad using iFunBox.

The beauty of this process is that you can also benefit from all of the Console CLUA cheats as well. Once you have everything you want, save the game and then copy it back to the iPad. The iPad save retains all the additions and you're good to go. I gave myself some speed boots for all my characters to get around the fact that we cannot currently increase the framerate beyond 60 using the iPad's 'balder.ini' file. I also gave myself ammo belts and bags of holding. Other things that work include including characters' XP, gold, etc.

I found this thread useful initially:

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