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Separate "Package" NPCs

IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 788
edited January 2013 in Archive (Feature Requests)
May I request to be able to separate the "duo" NPCs like Montaron and Xzar, Dynaheir and Minsc, and Jaheira and Khalid? I know there are ways to separate them, but some people like me prefer to keep things legit. This might violate the contract limitations, but there seem to be violations everywhere that it's hard to define the limitations exactly. I'm hoping something as small as this may be overlooked by the said contract limitation.

The reason for that is I want to experience the new NPCs. I would like to open slots for them, but might tag along individuals from the package NPCs from time to time. Say, Jaheira at one is Minsc, after is adhere to the "canon" (not the book, but what's assumed in BG-2). 2 slots are just too much for 1 NPC you want to bring with you.

* And, has this been requested before?

[Deleted User]


  • MordeusMordeus Member Posts: 460
    The problem with this is that separating them severely limits the banters you can get in your party. As they are nearly mute when separated. The reason for linking them really seems to be because the developers wanted to cut down on the needed banter dialogue. I think the only case where decoupling them doesn't result in reduced banter is when you ditch Minsc and keep Dynaheir around with Edwin. They apparently don't fight to the death along as Minsc is gone but will still argue.

    As for contractual concerns, it seems from looking around the game data, that pretty much all of the original files were left untouched when it came to the NPCs. So I doubt that the developers could introduce something that decouples them.

    Decoupling them would involve changing a variable in the game's data which I would say is off limits. Because I've seen some NPC variables that should be fixed but cannot.

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