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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on Steam - Additional DRM except Steamworks?

Like the title says. I'm curious if the Steam version of BG:EE has other additinal DRM's beside Steamworks?

Thanks in advance.

(And awesome that this game is finally on Steam! :))


  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited January 2013
    BG:EE through the stand alone installer doesn't have DRM, so neither will the Steam version. You will just need to be logged into Steam to play it.
  • MotokiMotoki Member Posts: 12
    I'm playing it on Steam now and no there is no additional 3rd party DRM besides Steam. It doesn't have a launcher it's just a straight exe. Updates will be pushed through Steam instead of a launcher.
  • SgtFopperSgtFopper Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the answers. Bought it and I'm happy with that. :)
  • shtkckshtkck Member Posts: 22
    I hadn't read about this, it looks like it was pushed to steam very quietly. The folks at Beamdog must have had their hands forced because they are a direct competitor to steam and had sworn from the beginning they would never release it on that platform.

    I for one am happy whereas I refuse to use an inferior distribution platform and will be finally purchasing the game now that is available through Steam instead of Beamdog. As a development company, hopefully Overhaul will learn from the mistakes of BG:EE and release BGII:EE in a much more smooth manner. Android users and Mac users are pulling their hair out at the promises left unfulfilled.
  • TibsterTibster Member Posts: 15
    The world is filled with Steam and Apple fanboys...... oh well--- your loss anyway.
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