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VirtualBox Graphics problems

I realize that VirtualBox isn't necessarily a supported platform, but until there is an official linux version, I'd like to be able to play BGEE in VirtualBox instead of having to reboot.

My system is a Intel Core i5 laptop with 8GB RAM and the hybrid Intel HD4500 / nvidia GT540M graphics setup. I've had zero problems with this laptop running BGEE in windows 8 64 bit.

My VirtualSetup is Windows 7 64 bit with 3D acceleration installed. I have some strange graphical glitches with BGEE.

When my characters are standing still, the disappear. The fog of war is also weirdly banded.

When my characters are moving, they appear and everything is normal, except the banded fog of war. As soon as the characters stop moving, they disappear again.

In map view, the unexplored areas of the map reflect the same weird banding as the fog of war.

I've tried it in a Windows XP virtual system with the same results. I've tried with and without the 3D acceleration, as well as with and without the 2D acceleration. All with the same results.

I know there are people that have claimed to be running BGEE successfully in VirtualBox. I'm just wondering there is some setup option in either VirtualBox or BGEE that can/will fix the graphics issues.


  • RythgarRythgar Member Posts: 101
    I'm assuming you have a dual boot scenario? What distro of linux are you running on? Have you updated/reinstalled the appropriate drivers? Are you installing the latest version of the VirualBox additions on the guest?

  • hummer010hummer010 Member Posts: 95
    Yeah, I have a dual boot with Debian Wheezy (Testing) 64 bit and Windows 8. Everything works fine in Windows 8. My main OS is debian, and I'm just being lazy. I'd rather not reboot to play.

    I've tried both the OSE version, as well as the proprietary version of VirtualBox. Currently running the Non OSE version from Oracle. I have done a fresh install of the Windows 7 guest at least three times. Every time, I've booted it into safe mode to install the latest guest additions. I'm not sure that safe-mode is still required to install the 3D acceleration drivers any more, but it used to be required, so I still did it. I also tried a clean install of Windows XP.

    Without the 3D acceleration installed, there are major graphical issues, as in completely unplayable, so I know the 3D acceleration is at least partly working.

  • hummer010hummer010 Member Posts: 95
    Interesting. I just tried it without 3D acceleration enabled. No buildings and background are displayed, but my characters are! With 3D accleration, my characters are only displayed when they are moving. Without 3D, they are displayed at all times, there is just no background. Performance is terrible though. It isn't playable at all without 3D. Performance with 3D is fine, you just can't see your characters.

    The fog of war and unexplored areas are displayed correctly without 3D as well.


  • hummer010hummer010 Member Posts: 95
    More Interesting. I'm getting this narrowed down. The same VM under a windows host works fine. So the problem is somewhere with the VirtualBox / Debian setup, not with the VM.

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