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Option for NPC's to start at Level 1

Hi guys, first let me say I love the game so far, taking my time to work through it, been a lot of fun.

One thing I would love to see implemented is an option before you start that sets all NPC's to L1 so players..can shape them a little more to our liking.

I know it may be a touch immersion breaking, that's why I'd set it as an option we can opt in/out of.

To explain in a touch more detail, lets say my main character is level 7 and I decide to go and pick up Ajantis, well, instead of him being L7 and his proficiencies and the like being spent already (Short sword...really??), we would have him at L1 but with the experience of a L7 character so we can pick what weapons and styles to specialize in.

I really don't know how viable and difficult to implement this would be, but it's a change I'd love to see to give us a little more control of the party.




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