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[MOD] Sun Soul Monk Kit

FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
Hello everyone,
Just created a tiny mod to get a Sun Soul Monk kit.

SUN SOUL MONK: Monks of the Sun Soul Order believe that they each harbor a small fragment of the sun's divine essence, long absent from the Realms and are trained to tap into the "spiritual light" within and manifest it externally. Their training does provide some drawbacks to their melee capabilities.

- May use the Sun Soulray ability once per day every 3 levels (starts at 1st level with one use). Maximum of 7 uses at 19th level.
- May use the Flaming Fists ability once per day every 5 levels (starts at 5th level with one use). Maximum of 4 uses at 20th level.
- May use the Abundant Step ability once per day at 11th level. Gains another use at 21st level.
- May use the Sun Soul ability once per day at 16th level.
- May use the Sun Soulbeam ability once per day at 21st level.

SUN SOULRAY: The Sun Soul Monk projects a beam of light from his/her open palm, doing 1d6 fire damage per 2 levels up to a maximum of 5d6. Undead take double damage.

FLAMING FISTS: The Sun Soul Monk wreathes his fists in flame, giving them 1d6 damage for 2 rounds. The duration increases by 1 round every 5 levels up to a maximum of 5 rounds.

ABUNDANT STEP: The Sun Soul Monk teleports to a single place in visual range.

SUN SOUL: The Sun Soul Monk protects him/herself by using his/her inner flame to create a Red Fireshield.

SUN SOULBEAM: The Sun Soul Monk focuses his/her inner light, emitting a dazzling Sunray.

- May only be of Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral alignment.
- May not gain additional uses of Stunning Blow until 25th level.
- May not use Quivering Palm.
- May not be Proficient with melee weaponry.

Available at Spellhold Studios here:

You can't actually pick this kit in the Character Creation screen, because I had issues adding it to the character creation 2das. If you mod yourself the kit, remember to add in One (1) use of Sun Soulray and permanent Infravision at level 1.

I am aware of the broken pronoun tags in BG:EE. I still haven't found out how to fix them. I'm using the tags that NearInfinity shows me in the dialog.tlk file.

Funny story: Looking at the dialog.tlk file was what made me release this. Thanks to @Neonfisk and his thread on new kits, I looked at it myself to confirm. Strings 31982-31984 in the new update showed the possible evidence of a Sun Soul Monk kit in the future, and I was like "Well. May as well release what I was working on now."


  • SarnindSarnind Member Posts: 227
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    Wait. Argh, big issue. Sun Soulray crashes the game when cast. Fixing now.

    [always the small things]
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    Okay fixed. Also fixed an issue with Flaming Fists not actually Flaming the Monk's Fists.
    Yes, I tested this. No, it wasn't very well.

    Also: Flaming Fists shows the icon for Resist Fire/Cold. You do not actually Resist Fire/Cold. This is a placeholder for a fire-related icon so it shows when Flaming Fists is active. Any suggestions anyone?
  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,513
    FailGeek said:

    Funny story: Looking at the dialog.tlk file was what made me release this. Thanks to @Neonfisk and his thread on new kits, I looked at it myself to confirm. Strings 31982-31984 in the new update showed the possible evidence of a Sun Soul Monk kit in the future, and I was like "Well. May as well release what I was working on now."

    Uhm... it is possible indeed with evidence like that :)

  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    Updated at Spellhold Studios link.

    Newest Version:
    You can now buy Will of the Sun from Winthrop while you start out in Candlekeep. This item transforms your run of the mill monk to the Sun Soul Monk. Any existing proficiencies won't be changed however. Boots of the Sun Soul +1-5 was also added, and have been added to the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost. There's been a couple of back-end improvements as well.
  • zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 125
    Hi! I have problem with the newer version. When I use that gem from store in Candlekeep, my class doesn't change. So I decided that I will change it manually with Nearinfinity but I couldn't find that kit. So I installed old version and then sun soul appeared in Nearinfinity.
    There is also a problem with the newest patch. Instead of souls sun monk, and names of new items appear some random texts.
    I really like that mod and I hope you can fix these problems, keep up the good work!
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    edited January 2013
    @zupsky Looking into it now.

    By the by, are you using any other mods, and if you are, what's your install order?
  • zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 125
    edited January 2013
    I'm not using any other mods, but I'm playing polish version.
    I'm sorry, the text thing was my bad and bugged dialog.tlg file. But that stone in Candlekeep still doesn't work.
    Post edited by zupsky on
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    edited January 2013
    @zupsky That's...odd. The stone works by summoning an invisible creature with a script that adds the kit to monk character that fits the requirements. It may be that the script compiled incorrectly.

    Can you attach a zip file containing all the E!SSAdd files you find in your override folder? Also your KITLIST.2DA and KIT.IDS.
    Post edited by FailGeek on
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    I extracted the files into my override folder on a fresh install and they work. Using the currently latest version of NearInfinity from here:

    shows that for some CRE files, the Sun Soul Monk kit shows, and for others it doesn't. I think the problem is within the script itself. There can be two main issues:

    1) The script changes the Monk to a Sun Soul Monk if the monk is of either Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral alignment, and whose DEX, CON, and WIS is greater than 9. Where the problem could be is because I was using the monk minimums as the values, I forgot that the 'GT' operator in the script is actually just 'Greater Than' instead of 'Greater than or Equal To'.

    So if you have one or more of those stats at exactly 9, the script doesn't accept you as eligible. You're eligible to be a MONK, but not for the monk KIT. What are the stats of the monk you're changing?

    2) The creature that runs the script is set to die when the first monk in the party lineup who changes into the Sun Soul Monk gets the kit. So it goes from PLAYER1 to PLAYER6 in that order; the first eligible monk becomes Sun Soul-ed, and the script stops. If you have two or more eligible monks, only one of them will get the kit, because the invisible creature that gives them the script dies immediately after. How many Monks are in your party, and how many of them is eligible?

    tl;dr version: The script will not fire if the monk has a DEX, CON, WIS stat equal or lesser to 9, and will not change more than one monk. These are problems with the script itself, and I will modify it accordingly. Possible fixes may include temporarily changing the prereq stats to 10, and just having the lone monk in the party. If that doesn't work, then...I've got nothing, except for you to send me your override folder, your weidu.log and the setup-sunsoulmonk.debug file. And probably your save, so I can manually plug in the Sun Soul Monk kit to your monk.
  • zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 125
    Hi, so Installed again BG, and now everything works. I don't know what was a problem but now it is ok.
  • FailGeekFailGeek Member Posts: 50
    That's fantastic.
    If you have any further problems, don't hesitate to report them to me. I'll try to fix them right away.
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