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Windows XP Beamdog and Launcher and Installer crashes right before finishing the install [solved]

Sese79Sese79 Member Posts: 478
edited January 2013 in Windows PC (Archive)
We could play the game on 06.01.2013, but today the XP machine can't run or install the game. My Win7 could update and run it, but the XP not. It doesn't work neither with the BaemdogClient nor the Launcher. I could run the game from the game folder, but then i couldn't update the game. Because of this i uninstalled the game and tried to reinstall it again. But it just tries to install himself but right before the end it crashes.

I checked the Information Panel for Applications on Windows, and it says the problem is with "mscorwks.dll" . This is categorized under .NET Runtime 2.0 Error. Could you please help us, we could play this game until two weeks. Thanks.

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