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Alternate hard mode mp using permadeath and PnP stat rolling

citizenxocitizenxo Member Posts: 24
I was looking for someone to play with that wanted to try an alternate style of play to increase the challenge level.

I don't like playing difficulty on anything other than core rules because it is too arbitrary that enemies do twice as much damage as you do with the same weapons, stats etc.

Without permadeath, there really is no downside to playing a class that starts out weak or takes a while to level.

With the ability to distribute stats however you like, you can get perfect stats for almost any class (exception being fighter/mage/cleric, mage/cleric, maybe a couple others with high requirements) This skews the game more towards classes that scale with ability scores rather than having special abilities as part of the class... It also skews it towards certain weapons that are better able to take advantage of stat bonuses.

So I was looking for someone that wanted to roll chars on a RNG (1-6 x 3) outside the game and then reroll every time they die. Otherwise it would be on core rules. If main char dies we just reload and then go to char arbitration after dropping gear to reroll him.


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