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[Request] Don't make new movies for BG2EE

I've just finished BG2 + ToB with my BGEE character and the movies still look great. Sure they are only slightly bigger than default YouTube video, but YouTube seems to doing just fine as well. ;) The reason I make this request is that BG2 are really well animated and I'm sorry to say that with the shoestring budget you guys have I don't see you guys matching that quality, and because as I just said the movies are just fine still!

Alternatively if you absolutely must replace the videos at least give a interface option to choose between the old and new. This would be nice for BGEE as well.



  • RogueNRogueN Member Posts: 10
    I second this, the movies, well more like comic stills from BGEE i do not like. I seriously considered if that is just me loving the original game too much, and went back and tried to be objective. The conclusion is no, the original movies are better. I have a feeling that you tried to do these new movies Witcher 2 style, but somehow it just doesn't work. Imo witcher 2 scenes work because those are narrated flashbacks from the past, in BGEE it doesn't work.

    Again, maybe it's just me

  • BlakeDrapetaBlakeDrapeta Member Posts: 21
    I thought the new movies were much easier on the eyes. The old movies kinda remind me of Reboot.

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