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[(BG2, BGEE 0709) Request] Of giant space hamsters and quick slots

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
edited August 2012 in Fixed
On the main game screen, Minsc's first quick slot is empty, though it's occupied by Boo. This will add Boo's icon the main game screen.

This is strictly a cosmetic change.
// Boo gets a quickslot icon
COPY_EXISTING ~misc84.itm~ ~override~
READ_LONG 0x64 "abil_off"
READ_SHORT 0x68 "abil_num"
WRITE_SHORT 0x68 ("%abil_num%" + 1)
READ_LONG 0x6a "fx_off"
WRITE_LONG 0x6a ("%fx_off%" + 0x38)
READ_SHORT 0x70 "fx_num"
INSERT_BYTES "%abil_off%" 0x38 // new ability
WRITE_BYTE ("%abil_off%" ) 3 // magical ability
WRITE_BYTE ("%abil_off%" + 0x02) 3 // item slots
WRITE_ASCII ("%abil_off%" + 0x04) ~imisc84~ // boo icon
WRITE_SHORT ("%abil_off%" + 0x20) "%fx_num%" // fx index

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