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Weapons Revisions.

Hello. I first appreciate BG:EE team for the great works that have came out as 5 patches.

I personally have had a few dissatisfaction in aspects of Balance though. We would have to consider many things for game balances, e.g., spells, kits, races, etc. Especially, I'd like to request and focus on rebalancing weapons in this topic.

Even though BG:EE provides many weapon types such as Katana, Bastard Sword, Scimitar, etc., those have little characteristics that make each weapon more unique. For example, Long Sword and Scimitar have same damage output (1D8), same damage type (Slashing), and so on; No visible distinction.

So here are suggestions for Weapon Revisions. Before writing suggestions down, I should say that I has been inspired by Item Revisions Mod.

Weapon Revisions
The Speed Factor of each weapon is unique weapon feature so this never be reduced by weapon's enchanted status.

1. Melee One-handed Weapons
I divided the weapons into 3 types according to the sizes; Small, Medium, Large size weapons.

1.1. Small
Dagger, Short Sword, Club, Wakizashi.

Dagger: 1D4, Speed Factor 1, Piercing, Throwable (2 APR but no STR bonuses).
Short Sword: 1D6, Speed Factor 2, Piercing and Slashing (can be swapped)
Club: 1D4, Speed Factor 3, Crushing.
Wakizashi: 1D6, Speed Factor 4, Piercing, Weapon Proficiency changes from Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjato to Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato.

I should say that I consider the damage type, such as Crushing, Piercing, and Slashing, would be applied as Item Revisions did, i.e., Crushing damage is the most effective damage type, the second is Piercing, and the worst is Slashing.

The small weapons have the lightest weight and the lowest duel-wielding penalty.

1.2. Medium
Long Sword, Battle Axe, Ninjato, Scimitar, Mace, Morning Star, War Hammer.

Long Sword: 1D8, Speed Factor 4, Slashing.
Battle Axe: 2D4, Speed Factor, 6, Slashing, Throwable (1 APR and gain STR bonuses).
Ninjato: 1D8, Speed Factor 5, Slashing, Weapon Proficiency changes from Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjato to Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato.
Scimitar: 1D6, Speed Factor 5, Slashing, Critical Hit Chance +5%
Mace: 1D6, Speed Factor, 5, Crushing.
Morning Star: 1D8, Speed Factor 6, Crushing (50%) + Slashing (50%), Weapon Proficiency changes from Morning Star/Flail to Mace/Moring Star.
War Hammer: 2D4, Speed Factor 7, Crushing, Throwable (1 APR and gain STR bonuses).

The medium weapons have the average weight and duel-wielding penalty. The weapon proficiency of Ninjato/Wakizashi should be changed imo because those have originated in "oriental" like Katana (those names belong to Japanse).

1.3. Large
Bastard Sword, Katana, Flail.

Bastard Sword (1-handed): 1D10, Speed Factor 6, Slashing, the wielder can swap the fighting style from 1-handed weapon style to 2-handed weapon style vise versa.
Katana: 1D10, Speed Factor 6, Slashing, Weapon Proficiency changes from Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjato to Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato.
Flail: 1D10, Speed Factor 8, Crushing, Melee Range 2 (like 2-handed weapons).

The large weapons have the heaviest weight (and STR requirement) and the worst duel-wielding penalty. Especially, Bastard Sword now can be used for both 1-handed fighting styles (Single Weapon Style and Sword and Shield Style) and 2-handed fighting style. Furthermore, Katana can be more effectively used by integrating its proficiency with Wakizashi/Ninjato even if the number of magical Katana is very few. And the weapon proficiency of Katana/Wakizashi/Ninjato efficienctly allow duel-wielding with only single weapon type.

2. Melee Two-handed Weapons

Two-handed Sword: 2D6, Speed Factor 7, Slashing.
Halberd: 1D12/1D10, Speed Factor 9/8, Slashing/Piercing respectively, each damage type can be swapped.
Spear: 1D10, Speed Factor 8, Piercing, Melee Range 3.
Quarterstaff: 2D4, Speed Factor 6, Crushing, AC+1.

Now Spear is the most ranged weapon, and Quarterstaff is the most defensive two-handed weapon.

3. Ranged Weapons

All bows and slings: Now cause bonus damage equal to enchantment level. However, the APR is reduced to 1.5 instead of 2 (in case of Shortbow/Longbow). Crossbow would have 1 APR.

Bolt: 1D10
Arrow: 1D6
Bullet: 1D4

Crossbow (Heavy Crossbow): 0/+1 damage, +2 THAC0, longest-range.
Longbow (Composite Longbow): 0/+1 damage, +1/+1 THAC0, middle-range.
Shortbow (Composite Shortbow): 0/+1 damage, middle-range.
Dart: 1D4, 2.5 APR, +1 THAC0, short-range.
Sling: 1.5 APR, middle range.

I honestly also want to suggest Shield Revisions, but this is not the time for it... I'll talk about the shields later. The idea is almost same with Item Revisions but several things are different from it. :)


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