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ETA for GERMAN Subtitles?

muppermupper Member Posts: 4
I bought BGEE at the beginning of December. Everywhere i can read that BGEE is in German. Now since December i cant play, becouse i only have a English Version!

After a couple of hours i can found some Thraeds, that the Windows Version has subtitles in German, but the Voices are English. Thats OK for me, but with the ipad Version i can´t change the Language.

Now i wait since 2 Month for a patch an yesterday it comes out! Instead of fix the Language Button, to change the Language and the Subtitles, they delete this Button!!!!!!!!

I read a lot of Informations here in this Forum but i must say, that this is so bad. NO ETA only the Information since December "it coming soon".

Since Yesterday im very Angry about that Information-Policy and now i would know, why didnt we get the German subtitles???? I dont need that German Voice, but the German Subtitles are Important for German Players like me!

So pls give us German Players a Information about the Language Button and the Subtitles!!!!

Best Reguards


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