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Cowled Wizards of Amn [Spoilers]

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AntonLaflammeScooter[Deleted User][Deleted User][Deleted User]


  • MessiMessi Member Posts: 738
    Bhaaldog said:

    There may be no room for maneuver on due to contractual obligations but the role of the Cowled Wizards in the plot always felt incomplete. They appear at the beginning of the game. Then there is Spellhold on the island of Brynnlaw where most are dead due to the actions of Irenicus, if you cast some magic spells without a licence you have the opportunity to fight a few, but for such a prominent organisation is that it? Some mage just decimated your asylum for deviants and there is no investigation or retribution? Would none of their number keep a close eye on the protagonist at least within Amn particularly after what had transpired in Brynnlaw?

    Completely agree. Cowled Wizards is definitely something Overhaul guys could really expand on.

    [Deleted User][Deleted User][Deleted User]darthminsc
  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited January 2013
    Well in my case, I not only pissed on their authority, I slaughtered about 70 of their mages including their 3 highest ranking members...They either ran out of mages able to teleport, or decided 5000 gold just wasn't worth the cost in lives my mail-order magic license was costing them and issued a free one discreetly behind the scenes.

    [Deleted User]darthminsc
  • CombineCombine Member Posts: 2
    Great idear, I concure, this feel like not only a natural area of expansion but also an undiscovered and a great one.

    [Deleted User]darthminsc
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