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Help: Graphics on Startup and In-game

Hey, I'm new to the community and this is the best place to get the help i'm looking for, so allow me to address my problems and maybe you can help me out:

I recently bought a copy of BG:EE via Steam and tried playing it, but the screen was white and errors popped up, so I updated my drivers and all's good on that part.

NOW when I start the game, the screen flickers constantly and no text appears for any buttons or boxes. All the text doesn't show and although the interface, models and environments show, any text within boxes or modules don't show up.

Essentially, I'm playing the game without any words or icons (for weapons/skills etc.)

I'm running on Windows 8 with an Intel(R) Core i3-3110M and CPU @ 2.40GHz. It's a 64 bit operating system and I've download the right drivers from the Intel website.

I have no idea what's happening, n'or can I think of any solution to my problem. If any of you have advice or a way that I can solve this, then I will be appreciative.

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