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Medium Shields - Strength to equip

IgnatiusIgnatius Member Posts: 586
edited January 2013 in Fixed
Most/all(?) basic medium shields encountered in the game (i.e., those on sale in Candlekeep or Beregost), display a STR 9 requirement to equip. I am currently running a STR 10 Cleric PC.

- expected behaviour: STR 10 Cleric PC can equip a medium shield

- observed behaviour: STR 10 Cleric PC cannot equip a medium shield

I checked with NearInfinity and it seems the STR limitation on medium shields is in fact set at 12.

Solution: either change the medium shield description to display STR 12 required to equip, or change the item to STR 9 to equip.

Apologies if this has already been reported. Am running BG:EE, latest patch.

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