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two-handed weapons

Is it possible to add more two-handed weapons such as maces, flails, axes etc? would love to play a cleric with a two-handed mace but only option is staves :(

or is there any mods that add these?


  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited January 2013
    They technically exist, just not 100% correctly in BG. Great Axes are 1d12, speed 10 slashing and Mauls (Big ass Hammers) are 2d4+1 speed 10 blunt.

    It should be noted, Runehammer, Crom Faeyr, Aegis Fang, and the Hammer of Thunderbolts are all technically Mauls, but due to BG having a gimp'd system are used 1 handed. The Dwarven Thrower is a thrown hammer that hits as if it was a maul due to it's special ability.

  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited January 2013
    You can mod the game yourself and change a 1hnd mace into a 2 handed. Functionality is limited though. If you don't mind having missing combat animations and the wrong description, you can do it pretty easy.

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