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Problem with both desktop and laptop!!!

I bought the game when it first came out and since it was running slow, I tried installing it on my desktop computer (started on my laptop). So, I haven't once been able to even start it properly. Every time I start it, I'm able to click play and then I get the message, "There was an error. A crash report was saved to: C:/users/Kathryn/Documents/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition/crash/dump.2012.0001.dmp" I get that every time I try to play. I tried uninstalling and re installing many times but nothing. Trying to open the game from the client only causes my computer to freeze. As for my laptop, I wanted to play about a week ago only to find out I can't because it keeps saying "Loading News" and "Connecting" under that, "Connecting" is where it should say "Play" So I've tried uninstalling it many times again, and re installing but nothing. Turns out when I tried re installing it on my desktop I found out it's not installing at all on my laptop. Tried repairing the the files, but still doesn't work. Both desktop and laptop are running windows 7. With my desktop, all drivers are up-to-date, have software to check that, already tried re installing OpenAL, but again, no success. The only thing that lets me play in my ipad. Anyone having any of these problems as well? I haven't had any chance of playing (unless you include a very annoying slowness getting 1/4 of the way through candlekeep) So, any ideas?

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